Monday, August 27, 2012

3d/4d sono pics

We got a 3D/4D sono on Friday John even got to come and Dustin was there aswell!  So my little family was all together as I know Delanie is always watching I am sure giving her sister pointers on how to make mommy run to the bathroom with bladder punches...LOL  Here are a few of the many pictures to share

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Almost 21 weeks!

Almost 21 weeks and this time couldn't go by any faster!  Right now I am urging the days to pass until I reach 25 weeks where I will breath ONE huge sigh and then move on to the next goal and worry after that!  I still am amazed I am working and proud as well I feel like a "normal" pregnant mother and that feels good!  Other people may laugh at that but if I am working I am healthy enough to and that is a huge plus to me!  Now if the doctor's of course say bedrest now then I will totally do exactly what they say and order to a tee.  My next appointment is the 5th with the high risk and also my OBGYN is the same day.  We shall see what the next check up will bring us!  Hopefully nothing but sunshine and rainbows because I am loving this feeling.  Baby girl is doing good and moving around like crazy she is making me feel so much closer and bonding with her even more each kick and punch and wiggle.  Thru everything I have just learned to appreciate and love each day and savor the moment.  It's hard when you are panicking and freaking out every 2 seconds but I try to remind myself each day take a breath and breathe it in.  Savor the moment.  Be happy for today and today only and keep looking forward and thank god for each moment.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Perinatology check up 19+5 days!

I know I know I haven't updated in awhile and I feel like I am short changing this sweet little girl and not giving her the same treatment I have given her siblings.  It's really hard the further I get along the more anxiety and feelings seem to seep thru.  The worry and what if's sometimes try to take over but many times I just throw my hands up and say I am not in control and there is nothing I can do but leave it in god's hands and pray about a thousand times a day that Kinley Raye will be a take home baby and we will be able to watch her grow and grow.  So today's check up was AWESOME.  I am actually doing better then I think I could have ever hoped for at this stage in the game!  My cervix is a long 4.39 which is about as long as you can get!  Even with the pressure hold it was still above a 4 which is just blowing my mind at the difference a early cerclage makes.  She is a VERY hefty baby...LOL She is already almost a full pound!  She is in the 90% in her growth and she has a cute little personality and schedule already.  I should have known she would be a chubby food loving girl because she is the exact opposite of my other two.   With the other two I would eat and then they would move and get excited and kick and kick...with Kinley she gets her food and is KNOCKED out for a hour or more and then when she gets hungry again starts the dancing.  LOL So I think this girl just loves food and lays back and enjoys it!  Momma is feeding her very well after all!  Lots of good protein and veggies and fruits I try to get in daily and 90% of my drinking is water with lemon added to it because I love lemon!  We also had a fun weekend that was very eventful!!  Daddy and grandpa and grandma got mommy a new car to make sure Kinley and Dustin were in the safest car possible so we got a new little honda CRV so we have more room for baby Kinley and brother's stuff!  We also went shopping as a family to get some things at babie's R us for Kinley and big brother got a going back to school gift for himself.  He picked out so much stuff for his sister too because he said he knows the softest stuff that she will like because she will be just like him.  I swear he is the sweetest boy I know and the most caring.  I will post a few pictures from today's visit and I will try to be more active in posting here about weekly dr. visits and checkup and also of course feelings because there has been mounds of them!  Just working thru it daily and taking it one breath at a time all we can ever do.  I know I skipped alot of weeks and in those weeks to catch anyone up we found out week after week that we were indeed having a sweet little girl and not a little boy so we are happy to announce miss Kinley Raye will be our next lovely addition.