Thursday, December 30, 2010

Doctor's appt

YAY for a total normal appt!  Today was the first time ever in pregnancy history I have ever made it to my normal appt without a crazy appt or anything inbetween!  My doctor and I were talking about my last pregnancy and I was already on bedrest at 12 weeks then and in and out of the hospital and then at around 20 weeks was put in the hospital for good!  She says she feels really good about this pregnancy and fingers crossed and all that juju it stays that way!  I finally gained two pounds!  After losing so much they were happy to see that.  Delanie was moving like crazy so they had to do a unplanned quick sono because everytime they almost got her heartrate on the doppler she would run off.  So they brought in a small sono got her HR on there and then I had a dull kind of painful movement in my belly and the doctor yelled OMG I was like what?  She was like she just totally flipped indian style in your belly LOL  It was really funny she commented on how much she moved and was that her normal.  Which she varies sometimes she is pretty calm and then others she goes nuts.  LOL  So a good appt was strange not needing any further care!  On another note my second set of injections came in today!  These are the 17P injections to help prevent premature labor later down the road.  I will take them once a week which isn't bad.  Better then the everyday ones I am having to take which cause lots of ugly bruising and a very sore tummy.  We met John for lunch after our appt so that he could hear all about the baby.  Now me and Dustin are just relaxing in bed I am really warn out!  I worked yesterday and have to work for the next two days.  I haven't been sleeping well at night using the bathroom every hour and a half or so anytime I turn there is alot of pressure on my bladder.  So I will be needing to invest in a body pillow pretty soon which I might pick up this weekend.  I am off on Sunday to recoop!  Then another sono of my baby on Monday!!  Whohooo!!  Can't wait to see her I do miss her!   And just another reassuring glance at labia land to make sure we are still needing to buy pink!!!!  LOL

Monday, December 27, 2010

It's a ....


Course most people know by now because we posted a cute video on facebook telling everyone what our little one was!  Her name will be Delanie Faye and she is so sweet already!  We love her so much!  We had a WONDERFUL Christmas I think in a large part because we held out telling everyone until Christmas day and I really think looking back that was a great choice!  First we had our family Christmas with my family and we played the video and everyone was so happy to find out it was a girl some were a little upset like poor Dustin!  He really wanted a little brother but he sure is being better about it today and hopefully once she gets here he will come all the way around about the idea of a little sister.  Second we went to John's parent's house to share the news with them we played the video and they were happy too!  Then we finally at the end of the day posted it on facebook for the rest of our family and friends to enjoy!  Was a wonderful day and I am so glad we waited!  I have another appt this week with another sonogram!  Whohoo!  Here are the pictures from the sonogram place!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Great appointment!

Had a wonderful appointment today at the high risk doctor!  My cervix is still nice an long and was 3.95cm which is very good!  No sign's of contractions and we started with our first shot of 17P injections to prevent contractions and premature labor I will do these injections once a week which I will get someone at work to give them to me weekly.  Got my first one in the BUM today!  LOL I don't care feels good to have that extra security on board.  I did find out my insurance will not cover them so we will have to pay for the medication which isn't to bad in price and it's cheaper then having a baby in the NICU suffering.  I am still taking my lovenox daily as you can tell quickly by my polka doted belly!  Poor thing looks nasty!  I am growing daily it seems.  Yesterday I had NO appetite and I am still down over 20 pounds now.  Today thought I did eat come chicken and a piece of bread with Dustin and some of grandma's yummy homemade cookies!  God I love her!  She made many different types and sure made me happy!!  They watched Dustin for me today while I went to my appt.  at my appt they did give me a 90% shot of the sex.  Which we are going to withhold from telling everyone until Christmas day!  Parents will be the first to know and then the rest of the world!  After I was a little nervous about the sex determination so John paid for me to go get a sono at a 3D/4D place!  Was so neat and was really nice and prices were reasonable and people were friendly.  We got a dvd of the whole sono and some still shots as well and some printed picture and they did confirm the sex it was the same as thought in the doctor's office aswell =) Here are some non gender pics these are all from the doctor's office I will upload the others from the show & Tell place later =))

 Facing the camera and has a hand and arm up by the face

 Facing the camera again

 elbow and profile


Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday's appt

Went really well I finally gained 1 pound almost since being pregnant still down 17 pounds though!  Got to see the baby they did all the sono abdominally so the pictures aren't as good as before when they did it vaginally.  Baby was doing very well kicking and moving around and heart rate was 158 and strong.  I have to go back in 2 weeks for another sono and to start my second set of injections YAY!  These will be progesterone injections to help ward off premature labor which I did have a bit with Dustin so it's just one more thing to help this baby get even bigger and stronger and let mama bake him/her.  They said in two weeks they will try to view what the baby is and let me know their guess!  So hope we get to find out right before Christmas!  That would be a great gift!  Gonna try to upload a couple pictures and video's on here for everyone to view!

 My mover

Heart Rate being taken the white extra on the lines is her or him kicking and disturbing the heart rate!  LOL

Profile really hard to see with doing it abdominally


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Well this sunday!

Is so much better!  LOL  We did a little bit of shopping in moderation on Saturday my OBGYN told me walking was fine but no lifting for a week.  I go back to work on wed which I am READY getting really bored here in the house.  I have another appt and sono tomorrow with the high risk doctor and I am going to take a DVD to get another clip for Dustin and daddy and to put on here.  I want a action shot this time since baby is a mover at all times should be easy!  I think I felt baby move tonight was a weird sensation since I haven't felt it in such a long time!  Was in the correct spot though and sure felt like it.  Can't wait until I get lots of kicks and squirms letting me know each day baby is there =))  My eating has picked up alot this weekend John has been spoiling me with lots of home cooked goods cooked the way I can eat them!  I am betting I gained weight this week which my doctor will be good with since I am still down 18 pounds since pregnancy!  My appointment is at 1030 so after lunch time I will update again <3 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Being home

Totally blows!!  I thought I would really like it but part of me misses all my friends from work and I am constantly wondering about them.  I work again on Wed next week I need to call my boss and let her know that I can't work this weekend.  I will do that this morning.  My little kitty was sick yesterday so I had to take her to the vet because she wasn't eating and was lethargic and not herself and lost weight because of it.  I had such bad headaches yesterday and had to really pull it together to take her because I was really scared for her.  She did great all tests were negative but they couldn't get a stool from her cause she was totally clean poor thing!  They really think it was a bacterial thing and gave her a shot of antibiotics and a shot of nausua meds to help her little tummy.  By the time I got home she was ready to eat a little and throughout the night she ate more and more and then this morning ate all her breakfast and is definately back to normal!!  The baby is doing good had another sono at the OBGYN and baby was moving all over the place still don't feel movement yet every now and then I feel flutters or weird buisness but can't call it movement.  Can't wait until I can feel it though =))  I am showing and getting bigger but still losing weight???  Have no idea but I am down 18 pounds since being pregnant.  My next appt with sono pics and another video clip will be on Monday.  They will check for any bleeding again and make sure everything is good.  Which I know it will be after all the baby gave me a thumbs up in the hospital now I know with that sign this baby is mine and going to be in my arms someday for sure!  That was the sign I needed in my heart to know that this one is a fighter just like my dear sweet Dustin.  I can't wait to see the look on his face when he meets his sibling.  It will be one of the best times of my life to see them meet and know Dustin will not be alone in life ever.  My family will be complete and I will be happy to sit back and watch them grow and not feel like there is something missing anymore.....Life will be great!