Thursday, December 30, 2010

Doctor's appt

YAY for a total normal appt!  Today was the first time ever in pregnancy history I have ever made it to my normal appt without a crazy appt or anything inbetween!  My doctor and I were talking about my last pregnancy and I was already on bedrest at 12 weeks then and in and out of the hospital and then at around 20 weeks was put in the hospital for good!  She says she feels really good about this pregnancy and fingers crossed and all that juju it stays that way!  I finally gained two pounds!  After losing so much they were happy to see that.  Delanie was moving like crazy so they had to do a unplanned quick sono because everytime they almost got her heartrate on the doppler she would run off.  So they brought in a small sono got her HR on there and then I had a dull kind of painful movement in my belly and the doctor yelled OMG I was like what?  She was like she just totally flipped indian style in your belly LOL  It was really funny she commented on how much she moved and was that her normal.  Which she varies sometimes she is pretty calm and then others she goes nuts.  LOL  So a good appt was strange not needing any further care!  On another note my second set of injections came in today!  These are the 17P injections to help prevent premature labor later down the road.  I will take them once a week which isn't bad.  Better then the everyday ones I am having to take which cause lots of ugly bruising and a very sore tummy.  We met John for lunch after our appt so that he could hear all about the baby.  Now me and Dustin are just relaxing in bed I am really warn out!  I worked yesterday and have to work for the next two days.  I haven't been sleeping well at night using the bathroom every hour and a half or so anytime I turn there is alot of pressure on my bladder.  So I will be needing to invest in a body pillow pretty soon which I might pick up this weekend.  I am off on Sunday to recoop!  Then another sono of my baby on Monday!!  Whohooo!!  Can't wait to see her I do miss her!   And just another reassuring glance at labia land to make sure we are still needing to buy pink!!!!  LOL

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