Thursday, December 2, 2010

Being home

Totally blows!!  I thought I would really like it but part of me misses all my friends from work and I am constantly wondering about them.  I work again on Wed next week I need to call my boss and let her know that I can't work this weekend.  I will do that this morning.  My little kitty was sick yesterday so I had to take her to the vet because she wasn't eating and was lethargic and not herself and lost weight because of it.  I had such bad headaches yesterday and had to really pull it together to take her because I was really scared for her.  She did great all tests were negative but they couldn't get a stool from her cause she was totally clean poor thing!  They really think it was a bacterial thing and gave her a shot of antibiotics and a shot of nausua meds to help her little tummy.  By the time I got home she was ready to eat a little and throughout the night she ate more and more and then this morning ate all her breakfast and is definately back to normal!!  The baby is doing good had another sono at the OBGYN and baby was moving all over the place still don't feel movement yet every now and then I feel flutters or weird buisness but can't call it movement.  Can't wait until I can feel it though =))  I am showing and getting bigger but still losing weight???  Have no idea but I am down 18 pounds since being pregnant.  My next appt with sono pics and another video clip will be on Monday.  They will check for any bleeding again and make sure everything is good.  Which I know it will be after all the baby gave me a thumbs up in the hospital now I know with that sign this baby is mine and going to be in my arms someday for sure!  That was the sign I needed in my heart to know that this one is a fighter just like my dear sweet Dustin.  I can't wait to see the look on his face when he meets his sibling.  It will be one of the best times of my life to see them meet and know Dustin will not be alone in life ever.  My family will be complete and I will be happy to sit back and watch them grow and not feel like there is something missing anymore.....Life will be great!

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