Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday's appt

Went really well I finally gained 1 pound almost since being pregnant still down 17 pounds though!  Got to see the baby they did all the sono abdominally so the pictures aren't as good as before when they did it vaginally.  Baby was doing very well kicking and moving around and heart rate was 158 and strong.  I have to go back in 2 weeks for another sono and to start my second set of injections YAY!  These will be progesterone injections to help ward off premature labor which I did have a bit with Dustin so it's just one more thing to help this baby get even bigger and stronger and let mama bake him/her.  They said in two weeks they will try to view what the baby is and let me know their guess!  So hope we get to find out right before Christmas!  That would be a great gift!  Gonna try to upload a couple pictures and video's on here for everyone to view!

 My mover

Heart Rate being taken the white extra on the lines is her or him kicking and disturbing the heart rate!  LOL

Profile really hard to see with doing it abdominally


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