Monday, February 28, 2011

Dr appt

bad day is one word for it!  We waited 2 hours to get into a room it was really crowded and over booked for sure.  So that was me sitting up for two hours when I am not supposed to sit up that much in a week!  So I knew it would be off and not a good sono check.  I did take my glucola test while I was there and should have those results tomorrow afternoon.  So the sono.....My cervix was back down to a 1.9 over all average which is right at the stitch and was funneling pretty badly so it shortened alot since the last visit.  I also have been contracting on and off so we are going to keep a eye on that to make sure it doesn't progess. Delanie was doing good she was moving and curled up in a weird position with her head right inbetween my right ovary and bladder so was hard to get any good shots and her body was twisted as if she was laying on her side so it was hard!  But we did get a couple of shots.  Her heartrate was wonderful as always at 147 bpm.  She is a ***drum roll*** HEFTY 2 pounds 3 oz!!  Oh my goose!  She is huge!  She is in the 84% percentile for weight and having NO issues there!  They were making fun of her!  What a trooper I am so happy to have a chubby baby even if she is born early she will do hopefully a little better.  We talked about starting steriods and she really wants to wait until next visit cause she wants it to be as close to delivery as possible and she thinks I still have at least another 2 weeks in me GOD HOPING.  28 weeks would be very very nice!  Course my goal is 37 weeks don't get me wrong!  But 28 weeker would still be a HUGE accomplishment and goal.  I am praying every day and night that god keeps her with me cause I am stubborn and I really want that dream delivery day well besides the whole repeat c-section but the time with the baby is the dream part.  The part where the baby is safe and in the same room as you and loved ones coming in and out (with washed hands) to greet baby and take those sweet pictures.  I am praying and hoping for that happy time but at least I know I am almost 26 weeks and survival rate is really good and I know it will be a hard preemie road but with hard work I would walk away with a baby in my arms.  I just really want this to be a term baby experiance.  We shall see little miss Delanie has already beaten her brother's record in weight and time in the uterus lets see if she is a overaccheiver!  I hope she is!   Here are some pictures to share and again I am sorry but we ask for your prayers and well wishes for little miss Delanie as they are working wonders and keeping her safe so far so we must be doing something right!

Her little squishy face! 

Another face

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coming right along.....

YAY!  This weekend my family started on Delanie's room!!  We also got all her furniture from babie's R us in already!  The room is not done yet next weekend the projects are trim and putting up the chair rail and the curtains and letters on the wall and there will be shelves in the closet with cute totes and baskets on them =)  Here are some progression pictures!

Daniel was speaking out of turn...LOL

Work in progress

Gracie is so impressed

Cleaning out Dustin's room to make room for some of his other toys

Wendy battling with the vacumme

Girls hard at work

mom with the mattress that came in yesterday!

Mom showing off some of the totes


Top paint

Looks great!  Now just the chair rail and trim =))

Closet is the light pink color

Shelves will be added next weekend too =)

Some more totes

Room!  Gotta leave the bed in here for dear ol mom to sleep in =)  Can't wait for the trim and stuff to be done!

New white ceiling fan

New closet lite we call it the BOOB

New wooden blinds =))  Curtains are already in too but those will be put up next week!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

OB visit

Well today we went to the doctor's for a check up.  Weight is doing good surprisingly for being on bed rest.  Heart rate was good and Delanie was active.  I am still on strict bed rest for at least the next 3 weeks then at 28 weeks she might let me go to modified. So we are just at a watch and wait for treatment right now.  I asked about the steriods for Delanie and she said right now we will play it by ear and she is going to talk to Dr. McFarland about them and see what she wants to do and when she wants to add them on board as there is a risk of contracting a bit with the steriods.  We want to give them at a time where she will be able to use them to the fullest.  So now we are just waiting for Monday's appt to see everything on sono and see where we are at.  Last night i had a really hard time sleeping my legs and bottom were in alot of pain and kept me up until past 2 am.  Hopefully since I have walked alot more today they won't be so bad tonight and I can get a good nights sleep which I feel I really need.  Wendy took me to my appt today and the doctor did not like the fact that I normally drive myself so I will work on getting rides to my future appointments.  She said if I behave at 32 weeks she will let me go somewhere in a wheel chair!  So that will be awesome!  We are also making plans for my baby shower soon we are thinking March 26th!  It will more then likely be at the house to I can lay down in a big lounge chair that I have.  I really think I will make it to then!  How crazy is that!  I have never lasted this long and still can see myself going further. FX I DO

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

25 weeks!!

YAY!  I am glad to make it to this point and don't get me wrong I want to forsure keep on going!  I am hoping for as close to term as possible and lately I really feel I will make it.  I am just happy to know she has a great chance now just like her brother which she is already bigger then him and growing well so hopefully that gives her a better edge too and she is a girl and girls are known to do much better in the NICU then boys.  So I really feel excited to know we are actually going to get a baby out of this deal!  I celebrated by burning a few more holes in the debit card and buying some storage stuff for Delanie's nursery and a crib mattress and changing pad and a more nuetral shower curtain for them cause the other one I have the paint is coming off of and making a big of a mess in the shower.  I don't think I will ever be buying a latex shower curtain again.  This one is cloth so hopefully will do better.  Not sure if I will have to buy a liner for it I guess I will see when it gets here.  My sister and I chatted about storage and decided we were going to put up alot of shevles in the closet so I purchased a bunch of baskets and totes to place on the shevles when they are put up.  Getting excited I can't wait to see the room all done up and ready for her to come home too!  I am really hoping and praying CLOSE TO TERM!  I have two doctor's appts coming up one this Thursday which is a regular appt to my OBGYN and then another one Monday which is to my high risk doctor and I will get another sono and cervix remeasurement.  HOPEFULLY a great appt to keep on going!  I will also remind her about steriods as she said we would start taking them then just incase.  Which I don't want to lose out on those precious meds if something should happen quick like my BP spike or labor start.  I want her to have every chance and one up she can possibly have!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Our new crib set

John went to Babies R us tonight to pick out some baby furniture so we could cash in on the deal they were having!  Spend 699 dollars and get a 150 dollar gift card!  That is like buy furniture and get a swing or pack n play for free!  So we soooo cashed in on that deal!!  They are doing alot of deals like that for anyone who is interested even on certain pampers you buy so much get a 5 dollar gift card back.  Its all on the website!  So I was sad I couldn't go but I very much trust my sweet husband's taste as we have been together for so very long!  He picked out a crib I had never seen before and we did like it and had great online reviews.  He was looking at the store and I was on the phone with him looking at everything online!  Great teamwork and we got it done.  Made me still feel a little apart of the deal anyways!  I loved hearing him talk about our baby and his daughter and what nots.  He makes me feel so loved!  Well here is the pictures!!

What do ya think???  Pretty right!  Good choice hunny!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My crib crisis!

So yesterday I was checking things and I was wondering why JCP.COM had not charged me yet for our baby furniture set yes it is on back order until March so I figured that maybe why but I wanted to check.  So I opened the invoice that was sent via email and as I was looking at the invoice everything said OFF WHITE.  We ordered WHITE so I was baffled.  I went to the website and sure enough it still stays WHITE.  I read a new review on there and it was talking about how they ordered WHITE and it came in a ugly off white color that looked dirty.  So I called and cancled the whole order and they were really nice about it.  BUT on that site they are like OUT OF STOCK of everything so today my little deal is finding a new crib set.  We did find a few we are thinking over last night.  I really want WHITE furniture for a little girl it just seems right.  It's in my little mind frame it has to be white already so there is no going back!  I will keep everyone posted on what we find and decide!

Dustin's First tooth fairy visit!

                                                      Dustin's long rooted teeth them suckers are in there!

Him the morning of the tooth fairy visit!

So excited!


It was worth it mom!

Missing teeth!
It went well this morning he woke up and almost forgot about it then I reminded him and he got soooo excited!  We had to give him 5 dollars cause John forgot to get change!  So he got a dollar for each tooth pulled and then 1 extra one for his first time?  Sounds good right?  LOL  He was really happy this morning he is still having a little of a time figuring out to eat and drink without stuff spilling out!  We think it's funny he doesn't!  Daddy was carefully watching him eat this morning to make sure he could handle it all though!  I will miss Dustin tons why he is at school today it was nice having a movie buddy in bed with me yesterday!  Here are some pictures from this morning <3

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dustin lost teethies!!

I was looking at Dustin's mouth the other day and noticed on his bottom teeth he had a adult tooth coming in behind them!  I freaked out and John took Dustin to the dentist today to get it taken care of this morning.  Dustin had to get 4 teeth removed cause there is another one about to come up soon.  He had his teeth cleaned and there are no cavities either.  His little tooth looks good I am worried about it moving more forward but they don't seem to think it's a issue so I will keep watching.  The tooth looks pretty white and not to rigid which we are looking out for since he was so premature is his tooth quality cause of the high doses of medications he was on his teeth might suffer but they are good so far!  Here are some pictures!  They are still a little bloody as he is still bleeding right now.  Daddy got him some soup to eat once the bleeding stops.
My big boy!!

He seems good!  Still a little bloody will take more later!

Daddy brought mommy lunch too!!  We love you Daddy!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Delanie's going home outfit!

Dustin chose the outfit Delanie will go home in and you can only guess why!

Can't see it that well here is the link!!          ,default,pd.html?cgid=carters-baby-girl-collections-little-layette

Monday, February 14, 2011

More new stuff!

So we ordered Delanie's chair that I will be nursing her in and rocking my little angel to sleep!  I did compromise with John on this one cause the walls will be pink so we chose a baby blue rocker chair.  I also ordered the curtains for her room went with a soft white balloon shade cause the trim will be a bright white in her room with pale pink sweet walls.  I also will be buying some new blinds cause the ones we have right now are metal and they are a off white color and it just won't look right with the white curtains and white trim.  So we are moving right along and it feels good!!

Can't really see it that well here is the link

Belly Belly

Yep I have a belly now and its large and incharge!  Even though I am still DOWN in weight I haven't gained a pound only lost several almost 20 pounds!  I took a few belly pictures this morning before I left as everyone has been asking for them.  If I get close enough I may do some maternity shots with the family if I go over 30 weeks or so.  Looking good so far you never know!!!  Really hard to adjust to your body getting so much bigger without wanting to work out or something!  LOL 

23 weeks 6 days gestation

Dr appt

So I got a BIG tease!!  Appt went well!  At first they went to measure my cervix and it was sooo pretty!!  Nice and long and closed with NO funneling!!  I was a awesome and measured a little over 3cm!  Then they did the pressure test and it did shorten and went to a 2.5-2.2 which was still good so we started to look at the baby and looked down at the bottom of the screen and low and behold my cervix was funneling alot and shortening like a little tornado!  UGHHHH!!!!!  I was so close to getting a few more privledges!  So she said oohhhh your not going anywhere your cervix is throwing a fit with just a little irritation.  So back to bed I go!  But it is longer at around a 2.2 so we are still looking better!  Count your blessings as they come!  Delanie was almost in the 80% for her weight!!  HUGE!  She is a HEFTY 1 pound 9 oz at 23 weeks 6 days!!  Dustin was 1 pound 5 oz when he was born at 25 weeks gestation!!  I was so surprised and so very happy that she is a little chunky monkey =))  She is very healthy and head up and she is sitting on my cervix.  Doctor said we could stay out of the hospital and come back in 2 weeks for a re-eval on baby!  She said right now things are looking good so we will wait on the steroids to so they have a better effect after 25 weeks gestation so we will know when we get those next appt.  The next appt is on the 28th as long as things look good!  Really happy with this appt even though it was a tease at first!  I really saw the movies and maybe a shopping trip in my future when I saw that pretty cervix but it was just tricking us!  Oh well!!  She is still in and looks to be that way for awhile longer!  Blood pressure was good and still no protien in the urine so we are blessed for that too going to be on the look out this next week as that is when I came down with the very deadly HELLP syndrome that ended Dustin's pregnancy.  But things are looking good!  I really couldn't do it without my family they have given Delanie this extra time by taking such good care of me!  

Here are some pictures of my 1 pound 9 oz 23 + 6 days big girl!! 

kicking her leg up and relaxing!  She is so silly already!

chubby cheeks!!


Peek a boo!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


So yesterday I went to Labor and delivery because I kept having pressure on my cervix to were I couldn't and still can't sit up without being very uncomfortable.  I called my doctor's nurse just to ask for the appt on today if I could get a cervical sono to check on things but all she said was she wanted me to go in if there was any pain.  So I went in was on the monitor and it didn't pick up much they checked my cervix via sono and it was the same as the 31st according to their equipment.  Baby was doing good and very active.  They asked me if I wanted to stay or go and of course I wanted to go back home to get comfortable again I only meant to ask my doctor for a longer appt for a sono and got all that!  We are doing good today and will get checked again on Monday by the high risk doctor. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Excited to be boring!

Well it's been a WONDERFUL non eventful week!  I will be 23 weeks on Tuesday!  I know it's not a safe zone but it is still a accomplishment!  I have a OBGYN appt on the 10th and then the perinatologist on the 14th for remeasurement and sono.  PRAYING it will be better or at least still the same!  John's birthday is tomorrow his parent's were so nice and came and took him and Dustin out to lunch to one of their favorite places and then took them to target to get Dustin some things he needed and John surprised me with a old movie I have been wanting to watch!  Big trouble in little china!  I have no idea why I want to watch this movie so bad but I do!  I loved it when I was a little girl!  My mom was a big movie goer when we were little and some of my fondest moments are cuddling up with her and getting special snacks and off to windsor park mall movie theater!  I guess some of the older movies remind me of our good ol date nights with mom!  We also took a very exciting step and daddy bought all Delanie's furniture for her room!!  So excited it should be here around March 20th when I will be about 28 weeks!  Hoping I last that long which in my heart I feel I will so I will just trust and follow in that!.   John has been so good to me and spoiling me in every way making this so much more easier to stay in bed for NOW 27 DAYS!  He just moved the big screen in our room with the PS3 so I can watch blue rays in here WHAT A MAN!  Mom has been so good and been away from her very much loved husband for almost a month which I feel bad about but I know she wants Delanie more then anything right now.  She lost a son and never wants to feel that grief again let alone watch me go through that pain.  I know everything happens for a reason and I will look back on this all like it never happened once I am holding my daughter in my arms and my family will be complete with no holes!  Dustin will have a forever companion and we will have our perfect pair of children <3  This is why I feel in some ways I have to suffer right now because from here on out life is going to be pretty much heaven!  

Here is a link to Delanie's bedroom set if anyone wants to see!  We changed it to a different one then before!  It will be in the white color instead of brown though =))|77448