Monday, February 28, 2011

Dr appt

bad day is one word for it!  We waited 2 hours to get into a room it was really crowded and over booked for sure.  So that was me sitting up for two hours when I am not supposed to sit up that much in a week!  So I knew it would be off and not a good sono check.  I did take my glucola test while I was there and should have those results tomorrow afternoon.  So the sono.....My cervix was back down to a 1.9 over all average which is right at the stitch and was funneling pretty badly so it shortened alot since the last visit.  I also have been contracting on and off so we are going to keep a eye on that to make sure it doesn't progess. Delanie was doing good she was moving and curled up in a weird position with her head right inbetween my right ovary and bladder so was hard to get any good shots and her body was twisted as if she was laying on her side so it was hard!  But we did get a couple of shots.  Her heartrate was wonderful as always at 147 bpm.  She is a ***drum roll*** HEFTY 2 pounds 3 oz!!  Oh my goose!  She is huge!  She is in the 84% percentile for weight and having NO issues there!  They were making fun of her!  What a trooper I am so happy to have a chubby baby even if she is born early she will do hopefully a little better.  We talked about starting steriods and she really wants to wait until next visit cause she wants it to be as close to delivery as possible and she thinks I still have at least another 2 weeks in me GOD HOPING.  28 weeks would be very very nice!  Course my goal is 37 weeks don't get me wrong!  But 28 weeker would still be a HUGE accomplishment and goal.  I am praying every day and night that god keeps her with me cause I am stubborn and I really want that dream delivery day well besides the whole repeat c-section but the time with the baby is the dream part.  The part where the baby is safe and in the same room as you and loved ones coming in and out (with washed hands) to greet baby and take those sweet pictures.  I am praying and hoping for that happy time but at least I know I am almost 26 weeks and survival rate is really good and I know it will be a hard preemie road but with hard work I would walk away with a baby in my arms.  I just really want this to be a term baby experiance.  We shall see little miss Delanie has already beaten her brother's record in weight and time in the uterus lets see if she is a overaccheiver!  I hope she is!   Here are some pictures to share and again I am sorry but we ask for your prayers and well wishes for little miss Delanie as they are working wonders and keeping her safe so far so we must be doing something right!

Her little squishy face! 

Another face

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