Thursday, February 24, 2011

OB visit

Well today we went to the doctor's for a check up.  Weight is doing good surprisingly for being on bed rest.  Heart rate was good and Delanie was active.  I am still on strict bed rest for at least the next 3 weeks then at 28 weeks she might let me go to modified. So we are just at a watch and wait for treatment right now.  I asked about the steriods for Delanie and she said right now we will play it by ear and she is going to talk to Dr. McFarland about them and see what she wants to do and when she wants to add them on board as there is a risk of contracting a bit with the steriods.  We want to give them at a time where she will be able to use them to the fullest.  So now we are just waiting for Monday's appt to see everything on sono and see where we are at.  Last night i had a really hard time sleeping my legs and bottom were in alot of pain and kept me up until past 2 am.  Hopefully since I have walked alot more today they won't be so bad tonight and I can get a good nights sleep which I feel I really need.  Wendy took me to my appt today and the doctor did not like the fact that I normally drive myself so I will work on getting rides to my future appointments.  She said if I behave at 32 weeks she will let me go somewhere in a wheel chair!  So that will be awesome!  We are also making plans for my baby shower soon we are thinking March 26th!  It will more then likely be at the house to I can lay down in a big lounge chair that I have.  I really think I will make it to then!  How crazy is that!  I have never lasted this long and still can see myself going further. FX I DO

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