Thursday, February 17, 2011

My crib crisis!

So yesterday I was checking things and I was wondering why JCP.COM had not charged me yet for our baby furniture set yes it is on back order until March so I figured that maybe why but I wanted to check.  So I opened the invoice that was sent via email and as I was looking at the invoice everything said OFF WHITE.  We ordered WHITE so I was baffled.  I went to the website and sure enough it still stays WHITE.  I read a new review on there and it was talking about how they ordered WHITE and it came in a ugly off white color that looked dirty.  So I called and cancled the whole order and they were really nice about it.  BUT on that site they are like OUT OF STOCK of everything so today my little deal is finding a new crib set.  We did find a few we are thinking over last night.  I really want WHITE furniture for a little girl it just seems right.  It's in my little mind frame it has to be white already so there is no going back!  I will keep everyone posted on what we find and decide!

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