Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dustin lost teethies!!

I was looking at Dustin's mouth the other day and noticed on his bottom teeth he had a adult tooth coming in behind them!  I freaked out and John took Dustin to the dentist today to get it taken care of this morning.  Dustin had to get 4 teeth removed cause there is another one about to come up soon.  He had his teeth cleaned and there are no cavities either.  His little tooth looks good I am worried about it moving more forward but they don't seem to think it's a issue so I will keep watching.  The tooth looks pretty white and not to rigid which we are looking out for since he was so premature is his tooth quality cause of the high doses of medications he was on his teeth might suffer but they are good so far!  Here are some pictures!  They are still a little bloody as he is still bleeding right now.  Daddy got him some soup to eat once the bleeding stops.
My big boy!!

He seems good!  Still a little bloody will take more later!

Daddy brought mommy lunch too!!  We love you Daddy!

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