Thursday, February 10, 2011


So yesterday I went to Labor and delivery because I kept having pressure on my cervix to were I couldn't and still can't sit up without being very uncomfortable.  I called my doctor's nurse just to ask for the appt on today if I could get a cervical sono to check on things but all she said was she wanted me to go in if there was any pain.  So I went in was on the monitor and it didn't pick up much they checked my cervix via sono and it was the same as the 31st according to their equipment.  Baby was doing good and very active.  They asked me if I wanted to stay or go and of course I wanted to go back home to get comfortable again I only meant to ask my doctor for a longer appt for a sono and got all that!  We are doing good today and will get checked again on Monday by the high risk doctor. 

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