Friday, February 18, 2011

Our new crib set

John went to Babies R us tonight to pick out some baby furniture so we could cash in on the deal they were having!  Spend 699 dollars and get a 150 dollar gift card!  That is like buy furniture and get a swing or pack n play for free!  So we soooo cashed in on that deal!!  They are doing alot of deals like that for anyone who is interested even on certain pampers you buy so much get a 5 dollar gift card back.  Its all on the website!  So I was sad I couldn't go but I very much trust my sweet husband's taste as we have been together for so very long!  He picked out a crib I had never seen before and we did like it and had great online reviews.  He was looking at the store and I was on the phone with him looking at everything online!  Great teamwork and we got it done.  Made me still feel a little apart of the deal anyways!  I loved hearing him talk about our baby and his daughter and what nots.  He makes me feel so loved!  Well here is the pictures!!

What do ya think???  Pretty right!  Good choice hunny!

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