Monday, January 31, 2011

Visit today 1/31/2011

Wasn't bad!  Everything is steady and doing okay we are stable and I got to go home.  Now for the visit.  Delanie was 1 pound 1 oz which is a awesome weight!  My cervix length went from a 1.7 2 weeks ago to a 1.9 this week =)  So that is good didn't go down and went a little better.  She said it is close to the stitch so we made the right choice for Delanie and the cerclage definately saved her!  She also checked my fluid levels which went down a little bit but not bad at all but they checked to see if I was leaking and I was not it came up negative so that is another plus!  Still on strict bedrest but that is okay she said laying down mainly try not to sit up at all and brief walks twice a day to the kitchen and back and one shower a day quickly taken.  Maybe after a few more weeks we could do a little more I go back to her in 2 weeks on Feb. 14th.  She said she thinks we have at least a few more weeks until Delanie is born and the more checks the more we will know.  Delanie also has a 2 vessel cord instead of a 3 vessel cord so when she is born they will rule out heart and kidney defects.  But the doctor does not think she has any of these because they are clearly seen in each sono and functioning great!   I know from being a postpartum nurse we do have 2 vessel cord babies all the time and they are fine =)  Delanie is a 1000% a girl too!  Rechecked that today and she was very sweet today but moving alot to get good pictures! Here are a few to share though =))

Her little profile <3

Heart looks GREAT!

Little foot!  Kicking mommy all the time!

another cute foot shot!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Doctor's appt

Went to my OBGYN today and it was nice to get out and feel the sun!  We talked quite a bit and she told me that I am to be on strict to modified bedrest but no sitting up if possible.  Cause I have been having some irritation when I sit up.  She checked my cervix by speculam exam just by looking and she said it looks good no infection nice and healing.  She reviewed with me my last couple cervical lengths which I didn't know about.  ON the 10th my cervix was a 2.5 and then a week later it was a 1.7 that was on bedrest and at that point is when they did the cerclage.  So a little more nervous then I was knowing those numbers.  I still think we are going to go longer but I am coming to grips that we will be having a preemie in our future.  I am coming to realize that the pregnancy I so wanted will not be what I pictured but it's okay as long as I walk away with Delanie.  I know that people are prolly thinking why did she do it again but I had alot of support from my doctor's that assured me it would be okay and premature labor really wasn't a issue with Dustin so there was no real way in telling this was to come.  And yes so what if we did have to go thru everything we did with Dustin is he not worth it now?  Besides I did most of the hard work so it's not really up to other people.  We ask that all our family and friends be supportive and please keep negative thoughts to yourself.  Just remember I AM the one going thru this and I AM trying my best to get thru it and have this baby born healthy.  I AM doing the injections and bedrest and surgeries.  Of course with my lovely husband by my side faithfully.  I have fallen so deeply inlove with him even more each day.  I love seeing him walk in the room grinning cause he has a surprise piece of watermelon or drink or something!  It could be something so little but the surprise of it and smile of support and love on his face makes it feel like its a piece of heaven.  My mother has been soooo supportive and been here each day trying to keep me happy and fed and keep my drinks full.  I found that I DO need help and appreciate it.  16 weeks until Delanie is term <3

Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend to recover.

Well this weekend has been uneventful which is a good thing for us!  I have been sore and crampy and had pressure but each day it got better and changed a bit.  I have stopped bleeding totally which is nice.  I have fallen deeper in love with my wonderful husband who has taken the best care of me <3  My mother is still here cause I would be lost without her daily help with me and Dustin.  Dustin threw us a curveball this weekend and Friday night about 2 am he spiked a high fever so Saturday morning John took him to the doctor and he tested + for strep throat!  Great!  But he actually did really well and hasn't spiked a fever since and really did well on the antibiotics.  They put him on Keflex this time and it really knocked it out fast.  He was happy to stay home from school one more day to play the game daddy had bought him on Saturday to help him get over being sick =)  John did all the grocery shopping this weekend and mom also made trips back and forth to Target.  I was not allowed to get out of bed this whole weekend as I was still on the strict bedrest until today.  Today I will start getting up actually started this morning walked to the kitchen to make orange juice to drink.  No pressure and cramping so I will just judge it on feeling and lay down often with sprints up!  I go back to the OBGYN on Thursday and then the perinatologist on the 31st which is Monday for another cervical length check FX its really long and maybe I can get some more activities approved.  I really want to go out to eat with John on Feb. 7th for his birthday.  We shall wait and see!  FX it happens!   Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes and please continue to keep my little Delanie Faye in your thoughts and prayers and hearts <3  I just know she will be strong and be with us on time =)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


So today was the day I had my surgery to try and protect our precious baby girl.  I woke up around 4 am and showered quickly then John took me to the hospital to get admitted and to go thru the whole pre op process.  I was taken to surgery right on time and received GREAT service all the way thru.  The ansethisia doctor gave me exactly what I wanted and we were able to do the spinal with NO other meds.  Yes I requested that.  I do not want my baby doped up and I hate the feeling of being loopy more then the feeling of pain.  Took them a few times to place the spinal block which was pretty painful but made it thru just fine he said I had a small bone spur that made it a little more difficult and unfortunatly for me painful.  The surgery went very well and the doctor said it was borderline perfect.  He placed a band with sutures as well.  It was very quick and I was transferred to post op where they quickly recieved a labor and delivery room where I could recover the rest of the way and see my darling husband John I knew was waiting for me and I really needed to see him.  After that we were sent to our room which was very nice and my nurses were very quick to take care of me.  Things were quickly taken care of and made it easier.  I still couldn't feel my legs or bottom for a very long time.  I proceeded to try to get up to go to the bathroom and felt pressure and water came gushing out which I later learned was urine that I couldn't feel coming out cause I was still so numb was very embarassing but I know as a nurse it happens.  I had a sono to make sure it was not amniotic fluid and it wasn't my fluid level was a 11.3 which is good.  It took another few hours to fell my lower half well and really even now they are still tingly!  I am bleeding but they said that is to be expected and should only last a few days.  My brother came to visit me and brought me a much needed HUGE drink!  Was happy about that I was really thirsty even though I was on fluids.  It was around now 4 pm in the afternoon and my uterus looked really good barely even irritable I was still in pain but it was surgical pain and nothing I couldn't deal with.  They asked me if I wanted to go home or stay the night and quickly replied I would LOVE to go home!  I feel I can cause I can keep up with the signs and I have alot of help here.  I am to be on strict bedrest for the next 2-3 days that means bed at all times and getting up to go to the bathroom.  Then I can go back on my modified bedrest where I can sit back up and move from livingroom to bedroom and walk a tiny bit.  Delanie was really fiesty today and really gave the nurses a run for their money!  She was very active and only slept about 2 hours today if that!  Definately showing how STRONG she really is!  The nurses all got a kick out of her!  I am home now and feeling better sore but better!  Big thanks to everyone for all their prayers please continue to pray for our safety!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Went to the dr and the dr said!

Well I went to see the dr covering for mine this week and he agrees we need to do the cerclage as early as possible before I get to much further along.  So I did my pre op stuff today and I will be back at the hospital by 5 am to get prepped and surgery at 7 am.  He said the earlier he does it the better chances of me going home the same day.  After I will be taken to labor and delivery and placed on a monitor for the rest of my stay.  I will keep everyone posted!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Seems to describe my mood lately!  So I wait all day and finally at like 2 pm I call my perinatologist office to see if they had a inside view or had spoken with the on call doctor.  Didn't hear anything back by 3pm so I called the OBGYN office to leave another message.  So I contacted another nurse and she informed me that the dr that is covering for my doctor today is his day off!!  AHHHHHH Why did you offer me a appt with him this morning then!!  So apparently no one even knows I need anything cause it is getting put in his inbox and I am supposed to get this done tomorrow!!!  GRR!!!  So my perinatologist calls me back and says she has spoken to the dr oncall and he said the doctor covering for my doctor will be back in the office tomorrow and it would be better to talk to him so he can schedule the procedure.  So I am waiting until tomorrow morning to find everything out now!!  Another damn day of waiting and I already had my rides lined up!

slightly fustrated!

Well I called my OBGYN's office this morning to get my surgery time and details.  Wanted to do it early in the morning so that they would have all day to get everything done and would hopefully be in the hospital by tomorrow.  I called and they informed me that my doctor was on vacation all this week and another doctor was covering for her.  No big deal I do like the other doctor alot but I really wish she was here to talk to me about everything.  Little nervous about it all and part of my just wants to run to my "friend" doctors and switch so I know everything that is going on forsure and I will have their home cell and pager numbers but I don't want to deliver at the hospital I work at because if the baby is born before 28 weeks the baby would have to be transferred to the hospital I am signed up to deliver at.  So I guess I will stick it out unless I see a sign or something!  Now it's just still the waiting game on when this doctor will call me back and let me know what is going on.  I have alot to ask him and think I have gotten all my back up rides together incase John can not get off work.  Delanie has been very active since last night and is kicking very hard.  Reminding me of her brother when he was in there.  He was always so active and VERY violent to mommy.  Does make me feel good she is so healthy but she did find my cervix and started kicking and punching it which if you have ever been pregnant know that it does NOT feel well!  But I will take any movement she gives me.  Its a little life growing away and doing good.  I am just ready to get passed this next week!  I am 20 weeks today!  So happy about that!  17 more until she is term and 3 more until she is viable.  Hoping to go to the 17 weeks though!  I will update later after I talk to the doctor forsure!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Okay didn't expect that..

So just got back from the doctor for one I have the cutest girl fetus I have ever seen =)  She is still 100% girl for sure!  She was moving around and weighs a good 10 oz very healthy. for the loop in the story my cervix is still shorter and a little wider.  So we are going ahead with the surgery this week as soon as my doctor can schedule it tomorrow.  It will be my OBGYN Dr. Murdoch placing the cerclage and she is off on Monday's so we will know tomorrow when she gets back when she can schedule the procedure.  I am nervous cause it has risks to it but alot of great benefits to.  I just hope I am doing what is right for Delanie but the doctor's seem to think this is for the best and if it were them they would go ahead and get it.  So we are doing it.  I will be on strict bedrest until delivery.  Was told that today.  I really thought I would walk in today and everything would be fine and I would be going back to work Friday.  I really hate bedrest but I would do anything for this little girl.  I am worried about my work as they are getting very busy right now and I am just praying they will be okay.  Three more weeks and Delanie will be viable and have a shot at living like Dustin did.  I am still hopeful to get her WAY past that point and will make sure I put in the hard work to do that.  I really feel like I let my family down having to go thru all of this again I really did not think premature labor would be a issue this time cause it wasn't a big issue with Dustin.  Dustin's birth was due to HELLP syndrome the premature labor had been very controlled and calmed down.  Maybe that will happen this time to that everything calms down.  I still feel in my heart she will make it much longer then her brother and be very healthy.  She is strong and I have faith and I just know she will be with us.  My mother is still here this week and will be staying another to help me get over this hump with the surgery and taking care of Dustin and the bedrest.  Hoping for the best alot of people do get alot of cervical length after a cerclage.  Wish me luck!  I will update more often now since I will not be doing much else!   Here are some pictures of Delanie from today aswell!

Delanie's face getting much chubbier!


Kinda of a weird face shot LOL

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another day down!

So each day I get closer to my little girl being safer and I love that!  Still nothing going on here no contractions and nothing else!  Really interested to see if my urine results come back tomorrow to make sure there is no infection that could have caused all that drama to happen.  But I feel great and baby Delanie is great.  Just taking this time to get ready for her and plan out her room.  I am hoping her bedding set comes soon so that we can see what colors to go with on her room.  My mom is still down here helping out and visiting us.  I will know more on Monday to see if I will be staying on bedrest or able to do more or even go back to work!  Who knows!  Ready for Monday to be here already so that I just know how it goes.  Nothing exciting so far just bedrest and then sitting and then shower and then roll over then roll over that way then stand a minute then move to the couch then move to the bed LOL  Tuesday I will be 20 weeks!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well today I actually have felt really good!  Last night I got a little bit of sour tummy but went away sometime in the night.  I haven't felt any tightening or anything and no more plug.  Everything just seems chill (knock on wood)  back is starting to hurt a big but its the upper back just because I have been in bed to long.  My mom is coming down today to help me out a bit and she was wanting to come and see all her grandkids anyways and its a 3 day weekend this weekend so she will get to snuggle with them some extra hours.  Dustin is excited and ready for her to come.  He has been SOOOO good to me the past few days!  I mean I could just cry at how sweet my kid is and how loving he is with me and Delanie (even though he wishes she was a boy).  I am sure once she gets here he will be just fine with that.  I am going to try to take some pictures of the stuff Dustin picked out for her on Sunday and bought her.  A little dress and a silky blanket which we use silkies in our family to put the kids to sleep.  Dustin has always and still sleeps with a silky blanket!  So he decided we needed to buy one for Delanie.  I am hoping to order the crib and dresser soon just trying to make sure we have everything in order first!  The bedding set comes in later this week and we can judge the colors of the room from there.  I am going to research nurseries today to see how everyone else painted and figure out what me and my crafty sister want to do.  Since she will be doing all the painting!  She is excited to anyways she loves Delanie already and is ready to snuggle a baby.  Well I will try to update again a little later!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crib and dresser

So we decided on a crib and dresser FINALLY this has taken alot of going back and forth on!  But I really think we made the right choice and then BAM I looked and they are on sale??!?!  How sweet is that?  LOL  

Dr talk

So today Dr Murdoch called me back she made me feel alot better and we were not rushed.  She told me they were still debating on the cerclage but because I am contracting on and off it might rip the stitches of the cerclage and cause more trouble then good.  Also it would be a pelvic surgery that has risk of blood clots which I already deal with that issue.  So we are on bedrest and drinking fluids I will get my cervix remeasured on Monday morning and we will talk again Tuesday morning on the phone unless I want to come in which I don't!  LOL  She gave a couple scenerios where I will prolly be on bedrest until viability and if everything is okay then I could maybe go back to work.  Not sure which direction I want?  I can not take any meds until around 22 weeks to hold things off so we are stuck with bedrest and fluids until then.  I still feel good about the pregnancy and so does she.  I went to the office today to drop off a urine sample to make sure there isn't a infection causing all this.  So everything still looks good we can still go to term just might be a little more resting then I would like!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Todays high risk appt

So today was the follow up from last night's visit and going thru my head in the waiting room is Dear god if something is wrong let them catch it and make the right choices to treat me in the best manner.  Well I went in for my sono's and my cervix did shorten a bit from last night again this one was done transvaginally instead of abdominally which they did last night.  So I am on bedrest for now they will recheck my cervix on Monday the 17th and she is calling my OBGYN to see what the plan will be with me and Delanie.  They are going to let me know tomorrow if they will place a cerclage or just do bedrest.  I guess I am just kind of in limbo until then....LOL  Wish us the best <3

My night....

Was unfortunately spent in the LND at the hospital.  I lost some of my plug earlier in the evening and went in on the doctor's wishes.  I did have a few small contractions here and there.  But people will contract every now and then and be okay.  My cervix was still the same length even though for some reason they only did it abdominally which my perinatologist always does it transvaginally.  Oh well I will go see her today to make sure everything is hunky dory with our little girl and then she can tell me when to go back to work and what she thinks.  Home now for a while and loving my bed.  Don't know what I would do without my sister and her husband this is the second time they have to run over and grab Dustin and this time Wendy had to take me to the hospital since John was out of town at the time.  LOL  But everything is fine!  Plug can grow back and it wasn't all of it.  Normal people do lose some from time to time and go to full term.  We shall just keep a close eye out and fingers crossed =))  I still feel good and I still feel like I will get this little girl to term =))

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby Bedding stuff

So we have been going back and forth on the bedding we want to get for Delanie.  Finally after alot of battling in my head I think I have got the ideal nursery for me in this brain of mine!  I really want a soft soft sweet dreamy nursery.  We were going to go with bold pinks and soft greens but now I am switching it up to soft and sweetness!  I am going to do the target Shabby Chic stuff and country glam is here and there with lots of accents and sweetness that I am sure we can find in Gruene and around here.  I have also been thinking about replacing the ceiling fan with a white chandlier but not sure if I want to give up the fan for the baby or not?  We are going back and forth with the paint and design on the walls but that will be soon to come!  Wendy will be painting the room for me and my neice Emerald a art god is going to be painting me some homemade paintings which I am so excited about and will make a nice thing to hand down to Delanie later in life.  All my neices are so excited to have a girl coming to the brood!  Here is all the pictures of some of the things I have selected!

 Oh you can't see the pictures very well as I thought!  I will also add the link at the end of the post! This above is the bedsheet

the bedding set this is the candy one

rug I want to get

this is a soft striped bed skirt you can't really see in the picture but the curtains are also on that page and they match this bedskirt too!

This is the soft baby bumper there is a quilt on the website that matches that I will also buy!

Here is a link to the website of all the Shabby Chic stuff if you want to see better pictures!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Christmas has gone and passed now New Year's is done too and we are in 2011!!  The year we will have our Baby girl and take her home <3  SO excited!  I worked all thru New Year's so not to much fun there but I was tired anyways!  I had a doctor's appt today with the perinatologist and everything looks good cervix was a little shorter measuring 3.02 cm we will keep a eye on that and I will go back in two weeks to make sure.  Delanie was doing wonderfully and still doing very well!  She weighed 8 oz and was moving and curled up in a little ball!  Still a girl a very SHY girl!  Took awhile to get her to open up to show us the goods!  I have chosen a bedding set but that is about it!  I still am looking for everything else!  Just can't seem to find what we want just yet!  I am sure we will come across it all soon enough =))  Here are some pictures from today!

 Her Heartrate she was sleeping soundly at first!
 Girl parts!  You can see each leg is labeled and the arrow is pointing to the little girl parts!
 Sweet face with the hands always up!
 Face with again the hands up there!