Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dr talk

So today Dr Murdoch called me back she made me feel alot better and we were not rushed.  She told me they were still debating on the cerclage but because I am contracting on and off it might rip the stitches of the cerclage and cause more trouble then good.  Also it would be a pelvic surgery that has risk of blood clots which I already deal with that issue.  So we are on bedrest and drinking fluids I will get my cervix remeasured on Monday morning and we will talk again Tuesday morning on the phone unless I want to come in which I don't!  LOL  She gave a couple scenerios where I will prolly be on bedrest until viability and if everything is okay then I could maybe go back to work.  Not sure which direction I want?  I can not take any meds until around 22 weeks to hold things off so we are stuck with bedrest and fluids until then.  I still feel good about the pregnancy and so does she.  I went to the office today to drop off a urine sample to make sure there isn't a infection causing all this.  So everything still looks good we can still go to term just might be a little more resting then I would like!

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