Monday, January 31, 2011

Visit today 1/31/2011

Wasn't bad!  Everything is steady and doing okay we are stable and I got to go home.  Now for the visit.  Delanie was 1 pound 1 oz which is a awesome weight!  My cervix length went from a 1.7 2 weeks ago to a 1.9 this week =)  So that is good didn't go down and went a little better.  She said it is close to the stitch so we made the right choice for Delanie and the cerclage definately saved her!  She also checked my fluid levels which went down a little bit but not bad at all but they checked to see if I was leaking and I was not it came up negative so that is another plus!  Still on strict bedrest but that is okay she said laying down mainly try not to sit up at all and brief walks twice a day to the kitchen and back and one shower a day quickly taken.  Maybe after a few more weeks we could do a little more I go back to her in 2 weeks on Feb. 14th.  She said she thinks we have at least a few more weeks until Delanie is born and the more checks the more we will know.  Delanie also has a 2 vessel cord instead of a 3 vessel cord so when she is born they will rule out heart and kidney defects.  But the doctor does not think she has any of these because they are clearly seen in each sono and functioning great!   I know from being a postpartum nurse we do have 2 vessel cord babies all the time and they are fine =)  Delanie is a 1000% a girl too!  Rechecked that today and she was very sweet today but moving alot to get good pictures! Here are a few to share though =))

Her little profile <3

Heart looks GREAT!

Little foot!  Kicking mommy all the time!

another cute foot shot!

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