Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby Bedding stuff

So we have been going back and forth on the bedding we want to get for Delanie.  Finally after alot of battling in my head I think I have got the ideal nursery for me in this brain of mine!  I really want a soft soft sweet dreamy nursery.  We were going to go with bold pinks and soft greens but now I am switching it up to soft and sweetness!  I am going to do the target Shabby Chic stuff and country glam is here and there with lots of accents and sweetness that I am sure we can find in Gruene and around here.  I have also been thinking about replacing the ceiling fan with a white chandlier but not sure if I want to give up the fan for the baby or not?  We are going back and forth with the paint and design on the walls but that will be soon to come!  Wendy will be painting the room for me and my neice Emerald a art god is going to be painting me some homemade paintings which I am so excited about and will make a nice thing to hand down to Delanie later in life.  All my neices are so excited to have a girl coming to the brood!  Here is all the pictures of some of the things I have selected!

 Oh you can't see the pictures very well as I thought!  I will also add the link at the end of the post! This above is the bedsheet

the bedding set this is the candy one

rug I want to get

this is a soft striped bed skirt you can't really see in the picture but the curtains are also on that page and they match this bedskirt too!

This is the soft baby bumper there is a quilt on the website that matches that I will also buy!

Here is a link to the website of all the Shabby Chic stuff if you want to see better pictures!

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