Monday, January 17, 2011

Okay didn't expect that..

So just got back from the doctor for one I have the cutest girl fetus I have ever seen =)  She is still 100% girl for sure!  She was moving around and weighs a good 10 oz very healthy. for the loop in the story my cervix is still shorter and a little wider.  So we are going ahead with the surgery this week as soon as my doctor can schedule it tomorrow.  It will be my OBGYN Dr. Murdoch placing the cerclage and she is off on Monday's so we will know tomorrow when she gets back when she can schedule the procedure.  I am nervous cause it has risks to it but alot of great benefits to.  I just hope I am doing what is right for Delanie but the doctor's seem to think this is for the best and if it were them they would go ahead and get it.  So we are doing it.  I will be on strict bedrest until delivery.  Was told that today.  I really thought I would walk in today and everything would be fine and I would be going back to work Friday.  I really hate bedrest but I would do anything for this little girl.  I am worried about my work as they are getting very busy right now and I am just praying they will be okay.  Three more weeks and Delanie will be viable and have a shot at living like Dustin did.  I am still hopeful to get her WAY past that point and will make sure I put in the hard work to do that.  I really feel like I let my family down having to go thru all of this again I really did not think premature labor would be a issue this time cause it wasn't a big issue with Dustin.  Dustin's birth was due to HELLP syndrome the premature labor had been very controlled and calmed down.  Maybe that will happen this time to that everything calms down.  I still feel in my heart she will make it much longer then her brother and be very healthy.  She is strong and I have faith and I just know she will be with us.  My mother is still here this week and will be staying another to help me get over this hump with the surgery and taking care of Dustin and the bedrest.  Hoping for the best alot of people do get alot of cervical length after a cerclage.  Wish me luck!  I will update more often now since I will not be doing much else!   Here are some pictures of Delanie from today aswell!

Delanie's face getting much chubbier!


Kinda of a weird face shot LOL

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