Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Christmas has gone and passed now New Year's is done too and we are in 2011!!  The year we will have our Baby girl and take her home <3  SO excited!  I worked all thru New Year's so not to much fun there but I was tired anyways!  I had a doctor's appt today with the perinatologist and everything looks good cervix was a little shorter measuring 3.02 cm we will keep a eye on that and I will go back in two weeks to make sure.  Delanie was doing wonderfully and still doing very well!  She weighed 8 oz and was moving and curled up in a little ball!  Still a girl a very SHY girl!  Took awhile to get her to open up to show us the goods!  I have chosen a bedding set but that is about it!  I still am looking for everything else!  Just can't seem to find what we want just yet!  I am sure we will come across it all soon enough =))  Here are some pictures from today!

 Her Heartrate she was sleeping soundly at first!
 Girl parts!  You can see each leg is labeled and the arrow is pointing to the little girl parts!
 Sweet face with the hands always up!
 Face with again the hands up there!

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