Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend to recover.

Well this weekend has been uneventful which is a good thing for us!  I have been sore and crampy and had pressure but each day it got better and changed a bit.  I have stopped bleeding totally which is nice.  I have fallen deeper in love with my wonderful husband who has taken the best care of me <3  My mother is still here cause I would be lost without her daily help with me and Dustin.  Dustin threw us a curveball this weekend and Friday night about 2 am he spiked a high fever so Saturday morning John took him to the doctor and he tested + for strep throat!  Great!  But he actually did really well and hasn't spiked a fever since and really did well on the antibiotics.  They put him on Keflex this time and it really knocked it out fast.  He was happy to stay home from school one more day to play the game daddy had bought him on Saturday to help him get over being sick =)  John did all the grocery shopping this weekend and mom also made trips back and forth to Target.  I was not allowed to get out of bed this whole weekend as I was still on the strict bedrest until today.  Today I will start getting up actually started this morning walked to the kitchen to make orange juice to drink.  No pressure and cramping so I will just judge it on feeling and lay down often with sprints up!  I go back to the OBGYN on Thursday and then the perinatologist on the 31st which is Monday for another cervical length check FX its really long and maybe I can get some more activities approved.  I really want to go out to eat with John on Feb. 7th for his birthday.  We shall wait and see!  FX it happens!   Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes and please continue to keep my little Delanie Faye in your thoughts and prayers and hearts <3  I just know she will be strong and be with us on time =)

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