Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another day down!

So each day I get closer to my little girl being safer and I love that!  Still nothing going on here no contractions and nothing else!  Really interested to see if my urine results come back tomorrow to make sure there is no infection that could have caused all that drama to happen.  But I feel great and baby Delanie is great.  Just taking this time to get ready for her and plan out her room.  I am hoping her bedding set comes soon so that we can see what colors to go with on her room.  My mom is still down here helping out and visiting us.  I will know more on Monday to see if I will be staying on bedrest or able to do more or even go back to work!  Who knows!  Ready for Monday to be here already so that I just know how it goes.  Nothing exciting so far just bedrest and then sitting and then shower and then roll over then roll over that way then stand a minute then move to the couch then move to the bed LOL  Tuesday I will be 20 weeks!!!

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