Monday, January 10, 2011

My night....

Was unfortunately spent in the LND at the hospital.  I lost some of my plug earlier in the evening and went in on the doctor's wishes.  I did have a few small contractions here and there.  But people will contract every now and then and be okay.  My cervix was still the same length even though for some reason they only did it abdominally which my perinatologist always does it transvaginally.  Oh well I will go see her today to make sure everything is hunky dory with our little girl and then she can tell me when to go back to work and what she thinks.  Home now for a while and loving my bed.  Don't know what I would do without my sister and her husband this is the second time they have to run over and grab Dustin and this time Wendy had to take me to the hospital since John was out of town at the time.  LOL  But everything is fine!  Plug can grow back and it wasn't all of it.  Normal people do lose some from time to time and go to full term.  We shall just keep a close eye out and fingers crossed =))  I still feel good and I still feel like I will get this little girl to term =))

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  1. glad you are doing okay wishes for you and your little girl!