Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well today I actually have felt really good!  Last night I got a little bit of sour tummy but went away sometime in the night.  I haven't felt any tightening or anything and no more plug.  Everything just seems chill (knock on wood)  back is starting to hurt a big but its the upper back just because I have been in bed to long.  My mom is coming down today to help me out a bit and she was wanting to come and see all her grandkids anyways and its a 3 day weekend this weekend so she will get to snuggle with them some extra hours.  Dustin is excited and ready for her to come.  He has been SOOOO good to me the past few days!  I mean I could just cry at how sweet my kid is and how loving he is with me and Delanie (even though he wishes she was a boy).  I am sure once she gets here he will be just fine with that.  I am going to try to take some pictures of the stuff Dustin picked out for her on Sunday and bought her.  A little dress and a silky blanket which we use silkies in our family to put the kids to sleep.  Dustin has always and still sleeps with a silky blanket!  So he decided we needed to buy one for Delanie.  I am hoping to order the crib and dresser soon just trying to make sure we have everything in order first!  The bedding set comes in later this week and we can judge the colors of the room from there.  I am going to research nurseries today to see how everyone else painted and figure out what me and my crafty sister want to do.  Since she will be doing all the painting!  She is excited to anyways she loves Delanie already and is ready to snuggle a baby.  Well I will try to update again a little later!

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