Thursday, January 20, 2011


So today was the day I had my surgery to try and protect our precious baby girl.  I woke up around 4 am and showered quickly then John took me to the hospital to get admitted and to go thru the whole pre op process.  I was taken to surgery right on time and received GREAT service all the way thru.  The ansethisia doctor gave me exactly what I wanted and we were able to do the spinal with NO other meds.  Yes I requested that.  I do not want my baby doped up and I hate the feeling of being loopy more then the feeling of pain.  Took them a few times to place the spinal block which was pretty painful but made it thru just fine he said I had a small bone spur that made it a little more difficult and unfortunatly for me painful.  The surgery went very well and the doctor said it was borderline perfect.  He placed a band with sutures as well.  It was very quick and I was transferred to post op where they quickly recieved a labor and delivery room where I could recover the rest of the way and see my darling husband John I knew was waiting for me and I really needed to see him.  After that we were sent to our room which was very nice and my nurses were very quick to take care of me.  Things were quickly taken care of and made it easier.  I still couldn't feel my legs or bottom for a very long time.  I proceeded to try to get up to go to the bathroom and felt pressure and water came gushing out which I later learned was urine that I couldn't feel coming out cause I was still so numb was very embarassing but I know as a nurse it happens.  I had a sono to make sure it was not amniotic fluid and it wasn't my fluid level was a 11.3 which is good.  It took another few hours to fell my lower half well and really even now they are still tingly!  I am bleeding but they said that is to be expected and should only last a few days.  My brother came to visit me and brought me a much needed HUGE drink!  Was happy about that I was really thirsty even though I was on fluids.  It was around now 4 pm in the afternoon and my uterus looked really good barely even irritable I was still in pain but it was surgical pain and nothing I couldn't deal with.  They asked me if I wanted to go home or stay the night and quickly replied I would LOVE to go home!  I feel I can cause I can keep up with the signs and I have alot of help here.  I am to be on strict bedrest for the next 2-3 days that means bed at all times and getting up to go to the bathroom.  Then I can go back on my modified bedrest where I can sit back up and move from livingroom to bedroom and walk a tiny bit.  Delanie was really fiesty today and really gave the nurses a run for their money!  She was very active and only slept about 2 hours today if that!  Definately showing how STRONG she really is!  The nurses all got a kick out of her!  I am home now and feeling better sore but better!  Big thanks to everyone for all their prayers please continue to pray for our safety!

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