Thursday, December 30, 2010

Doctor's appt

YAY for a total normal appt!  Today was the first time ever in pregnancy history I have ever made it to my normal appt without a crazy appt or anything inbetween!  My doctor and I were talking about my last pregnancy and I was already on bedrest at 12 weeks then and in and out of the hospital and then at around 20 weeks was put in the hospital for good!  She says she feels really good about this pregnancy and fingers crossed and all that juju it stays that way!  I finally gained two pounds!  After losing so much they were happy to see that.  Delanie was moving like crazy so they had to do a unplanned quick sono because everytime they almost got her heartrate on the doppler she would run off.  So they brought in a small sono got her HR on there and then I had a dull kind of painful movement in my belly and the doctor yelled OMG I was like what?  She was like she just totally flipped indian style in your belly LOL  It was really funny she commented on how much she moved and was that her normal.  Which she varies sometimes she is pretty calm and then others she goes nuts.  LOL  So a good appt was strange not needing any further care!  On another note my second set of injections came in today!  These are the 17P injections to help prevent premature labor later down the road.  I will take them once a week which isn't bad.  Better then the everyday ones I am having to take which cause lots of ugly bruising and a very sore tummy.  We met John for lunch after our appt so that he could hear all about the baby.  Now me and Dustin are just relaxing in bed I am really warn out!  I worked yesterday and have to work for the next two days.  I haven't been sleeping well at night using the bathroom every hour and a half or so anytime I turn there is alot of pressure on my bladder.  So I will be needing to invest in a body pillow pretty soon which I might pick up this weekend.  I am off on Sunday to recoop!  Then another sono of my baby on Monday!!  Whohooo!!  Can't wait to see her I do miss her!   And just another reassuring glance at labia land to make sure we are still needing to buy pink!!!!  LOL

Monday, December 27, 2010

It's a ....


Course most people know by now because we posted a cute video on facebook telling everyone what our little one was!  Her name will be Delanie Faye and she is so sweet already!  We love her so much!  We had a WONDERFUL Christmas I think in a large part because we held out telling everyone until Christmas day and I really think looking back that was a great choice!  First we had our family Christmas with my family and we played the video and everyone was so happy to find out it was a girl some were a little upset like poor Dustin!  He really wanted a little brother but he sure is being better about it today and hopefully once she gets here he will come all the way around about the idea of a little sister.  Second we went to John's parent's house to share the news with them we played the video and they were happy too!  Then we finally at the end of the day posted it on facebook for the rest of our family and friends to enjoy!  Was a wonderful day and I am so glad we waited!  I have another appt this week with another sonogram!  Whohoo!  Here are the pictures from the sonogram place!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Great appointment!

Had a wonderful appointment today at the high risk doctor!  My cervix is still nice an long and was 3.95cm which is very good!  No sign's of contractions and we started with our first shot of 17P injections to prevent contractions and premature labor I will do these injections once a week which I will get someone at work to give them to me weekly.  Got my first one in the BUM today!  LOL I don't care feels good to have that extra security on board.  I did find out my insurance will not cover them so we will have to pay for the medication which isn't to bad in price and it's cheaper then having a baby in the NICU suffering.  I am still taking my lovenox daily as you can tell quickly by my polka doted belly!  Poor thing looks nasty!  I am growing daily it seems.  Yesterday I had NO appetite and I am still down over 20 pounds now.  Today thought I did eat come chicken and a piece of bread with Dustin and some of grandma's yummy homemade cookies!  God I love her!  She made many different types and sure made me happy!!  They watched Dustin for me today while I went to my appt.  at my appt they did give me a 90% shot of the sex.  Which we are going to withhold from telling everyone until Christmas day!  Parents will be the first to know and then the rest of the world!  After I was a little nervous about the sex determination so John paid for me to go get a sono at a 3D/4D place!  Was so neat and was really nice and prices were reasonable and people were friendly.  We got a dvd of the whole sono and some still shots as well and some printed picture and they did confirm the sex it was the same as thought in the doctor's office aswell =) Here are some non gender pics these are all from the doctor's office I will upload the others from the show & Tell place later =))

 Facing the camera and has a hand and arm up by the face

 Facing the camera again

 elbow and profile


Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday's appt

Went really well I finally gained 1 pound almost since being pregnant still down 17 pounds though!  Got to see the baby they did all the sono abdominally so the pictures aren't as good as before when they did it vaginally.  Baby was doing very well kicking and moving around and heart rate was 158 and strong.  I have to go back in 2 weeks for another sono and to start my second set of injections YAY!  These will be progesterone injections to help ward off premature labor which I did have a bit with Dustin so it's just one more thing to help this baby get even bigger and stronger and let mama bake him/her.  They said in two weeks they will try to view what the baby is and let me know their guess!  So hope we get to find out right before Christmas!  That would be a great gift!  Gonna try to upload a couple pictures and video's on here for everyone to view!

 My mover

Heart Rate being taken the white extra on the lines is her or him kicking and disturbing the heart rate!  LOL

Profile really hard to see with doing it abdominally


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Well this sunday!

Is so much better!  LOL  We did a little bit of shopping in moderation on Saturday my OBGYN told me walking was fine but no lifting for a week.  I go back to work on wed which I am READY getting really bored here in the house.  I have another appt and sono tomorrow with the high risk doctor and I am going to take a DVD to get another clip for Dustin and daddy and to put on here.  I want a action shot this time since baby is a mover at all times should be easy!  I think I felt baby move tonight was a weird sensation since I haven't felt it in such a long time!  Was in the correct spot though and sure felt like it.  Can't wait until I get lots of kicks and squirms letting me know each day baby is there =))  My eating has picked up alot this weekend John has been spoiling me with lots of home cooked goods cooked the way I can eat them!  I am betting I gained weight this week which my doctor will be good with since I am still down 18 pounds since pregnancy!  My appointment is at 1030 so after lunch time I will update again <3 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Being home

Totally blows!!  I thought I would really like it but part of me misses all my friends from work and I am constantly wondering about them.  I work again on Wed next week I need to call my boss and let her know that I can't work this weekend.  I will do that this morning.  My little kitty was sick yesterday so I had to take her to the vet because she wasn't eating and was lethargic and not herself and lost weight because of it.  I had such bad headaches yesterday and had to really pull it together to take her because I was really scared for her.  She did great all tests were negative but they couldn't get a stool from her cause she was totally clean poor thing!  They really think it was a bacterial thing and gave her a shot of antibiotics and a shot of nausua meds to help her little tummy.  By the time I got home she was ready to eat a little and throughout the night she ate more and more and then this morning ate all her breakfast and is definately back to normal!!  The baby is doing good had another sono at the OBGYN and baby was moving all over the place still don't feel movement yet every now and then I feel flutters or weird buisness but can't call it movement.  Can't wait until I can feel it though =))  I am showing and getting bigger but still losing weight???  Have no idea but I am down 18 pounds since being pregnant.  My next appt with sono pics and another video clip will be on Monday.  They will check for any bleeding again and make sure everything is good.  Which I know it will be after all the baby gave me a thumbs up in the hospital now I know with that sign this baby is mine and going to be in my arms someday for sure!  That was the sign I needed in my heart to know that this one is a fighter just like my dear sweet Dustin.  I can't wait to see the look on his face when he meets his sibling.  It will be one of the best times of my life to see them meet and know Dustin will not be alone in life ever.  My family will be complete and I will be happy to sit back and watch them grow and not feel like there is something missing anymore.....Life will be great!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OBGYN visit

Went today didn't get a whole lot of answers its marked as unexplained and hopeful to not happen again.  They are happy she said they can't find anything cause if they were to see something that could be worse.  I will just take it and move on there is nothing more I can really do.  I saw the baby again and it's still very active and moving often.  I am on bedrest for one more week and then get to go back to work.  She asked me if we had light duty at work and I laughed!  LMAO  Not as a nurse there is no such thing.  Well love to all I am tired and warn out!

Sunday afternoon

So Sunday I was feeling really tired a little warn down we went grocery shopping and came home and unloaded the groceries.  Then I went to the bathroom to put on some comfty PJ pants and of course like every pregnant woman needs to pee 24 hours a day.  When I went to the bathroom I did get a surprise that I didn't want alot of blood enough to fill up a pad.  Which I was very upset about.  I quietly changed my underware placed a pad down and changed my pants and then walked into the livingroom and told Dustin Aunt Wendy just called and wanted him to come over for dinner and he was excited.  Then I walked to the kitchen with Dustin behind me and told John to please drive me to the hospital and he clicked on quickly and we both played it off careful not to let Dustin know anything that was going on.  We met Jerry (sister's hubby) at the corner and he took Dustin for us and off to the ER we went.  I called my perinatologist and OBGYN on the way and they both agreed to go to the ER with my previous experiances of randomly hemmraging with Dustin.  We arrived at the ER and it was very nice they got us back pretty quick and everyone was super sweet and caring.  The doctor was nice and I told him everything I wanted ordered and he did everything I wanted.  They started to take blood and start a IV and then the sono was next the part I dreaded cause either I would be really happy or really sad in the next few minutes.  The sono tech was excellent and really catered to our needs I think the sono lasted about a hour with her just being sweet to us.  She first put the probe on and I saw a big jump and leap and waving all around.  Then she did a heartrate after alot of giggling in the room and it was 147 strong.  There was no bleeding noted around the placenta everything was intact and looked very good, cervix was long and nothing there.  The placenta was up high and baby was very active.  There was one shot that made me think it's really okay mom was the baby gave us a thumbs up!  For anyone who personally knows Dustin he always gives us a thumbs up its our thing.  Then I saw this baby do that and decided it was a sign that we could breath a sigh of relief that was a sign that everything was going to be okay.  Unfortunatley we could not get any copies of the pictures.  The bleeding had slowed alot and I declined a pelvic exam because I only wanted one doctor near my cervix and I wanted that to be a OBGYN.  They offered me to be admitted but I just wanted to go home I would have to be released in the morning to see my perinatologist anyways so might aswell go home and get some good rest.  

So I went home and the next morning got up and went to see my high risk doctor and she did another sono and again healthy baby heartrate 157 and moving alot.  She found no signs of blood inside again and said she would leave it to my OBGYN today to do a pelvic exam and let me know how long bedrest would be later on this week.  Hopefully not to long I really wanted to stay active this pregnancy and I miss my girls at work.  I will blog again later to let everyone know how the OBGYN appt went its at 2:45 pm today =)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Had a wonderful Sunday I was put on call and I am glad I was.  Yesterday at work my blood pressure stayed slightly elevated.  I will call the doctor tomorrow and ask to speak with the nurse so that she can chart it.  Today I am sure helped I slept in and then we went out for breakfast healthy of course!  Then John (hubby) took me to go get some maternity cloths which I am so happy about he didn't even tell me before I love surprises!  Then we headed to a movie Harry Potter it was really good!  I am just ready for the second one to come out already!  Then I finally got to eat my fish lunch at luby's I have been craving like crazy!  We looked up the nutrition on it prior and it was a go with a spinach salad to go with it!  Was really yummy I ate until I was totally stuffed!  Then we had to go to the grocery store to pick a few things up for this week and to get 2 large briskets for a pot luck at work on Tuesday!  After that I was totally spent!  Came home and hubby told me to go to sleep!  Well had to follow orders so laid down for a nap while he went and did some side jobs he had waiting all day.  Now just relaxing with Dustin dreading work tomorrow but it will be okay!  I love my job just wish I could take a energy pill!! 

Friday, November 19, 2010

video of baby's heartrate

Thought you would like this Dustin was excited about it!!  He watched it when he came home from school and was like mom is the baby ready to come out now?  Poor kid!  I told him no the baby was only 2 oz!

Hope this works!! Kinda shaky video she can only take it in short clips.

Today's Appt

Today was another good visit at the high risk doctor!  Mom came down from Huntsville on Sunday so she has been with me all this week which has been fun!  She got to come to the sono today and see the baby wiggling and sleeping.  Baby was much less active today baby was sleeping being still and behaving while we got all the measurements we needed for the nuchal scan.  Heart rate was 170 even which it stays pretty high.  It was neat to see the baby again and I will post tons of pictures and a video of the baby today on the blog god willing I figure out how to do that all!  I have been doing great blood pressure wise on the low sodium diet.  Even though the low sodium diet has to be one of the hardest diets to follow because everything you can think of is HIGH in sodium it is no wonder we have so many heartattacks in this day and age!  I know I will be forever changed.  But being pregnant on this diet with cravings that drive me up the wall totally SUCKS BUTT! Because I just can't have what I want.  I just remember I am doing this to hold a baby in my arms.  If me sucking it up with help that baby not be in the NICU any days I will totally do it!  I have been really good and NOT cheated ONCE!  I am so very very proud of myself the only day I will eat whatever will be on holidays for that day only though leftovers don't count.  LOL  I will ask family to help me out a little and maybe skip on the salt and use unsalted butter aswell.  If they are willing.  We saw some good friends at the doctor's today aswell Melissa and Pat Crowder!  Melissa is Due in January with a precious little girl!  She was looking good and ready for that baby to be out soon!  LOL  I can't wait until I am at that point in the home stretch!  Sooooonnnn!   Also bought my first round of maternity cloths today too!  As I am down 16 pounds now but belly is pouching and getting round can't fit into any jeans or pants that I have and boobs are making all my shirts short!  Well now picture time!!

Last week!

So I know you can beat me all you want I have been bad about blogging!  Well let me start from last weeks mess.....I was at work on Wed.  and it was a pretty busy day we were really moving patients.  I noticed I had a headache that wouldn't go away!  So I decided I would take my blood pressure just to be on the same side.  Sure enough it was high at 157/75 I was upset about it and continued to take it throughout the day and it was still slightly elevated.  I called my OBGYN and she said that I couldn't wait to see the High-risk specialist until the 19th and she wanted me to see her two days later on Friday the 12th instead and to let her know about the blood pressures.  The next day Thursday I was really upset so John told me to stay home and take it easy he went that night to also buy me a home blood pressure cuff to montior it at home.  I decided then I was going to be very proactive and put myself on a low sodium diet for the health of the baby in hopes of keeping any blood pressure issues at bay.  Well Thursday my blood pressures were okay slightly elevated with activity.  Friday for my appt they were good and I got to see the baby wonderfully bouncing around so much that they couldn't take proper measurements!  We tried to wait for the baby to calm down but didn't work baby was definately up and in the playing mood.  It would bend its knees all the way down and then POP back up again using my uterus at a moon bounce!  Would wave its hands in the air and play with it's face.  Was a wonderful sono and I am so happy cause it made me feel so much better.  The doctor told me to watch out take my BP daily and then come back in one week.  Baby's HR was 176 since it was so hyper!  Here is a picture of the baby at 10 weeks 3 days gestation. 


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wendy's B-day

Today was a fun day Me and Wendy went out to lunch for her b-day then we surprised her with a b-day dinner!  We had alot of fun today getting her ready for her surprises!  We also found out last night that the baby does not like and will not tolerate chinese food!  So I will be skimping out on it for the next 6 months or so!  Our next baby appts are the 19th and then the 2 of December!  I was already looking at baby furniture trying to find good deals and the style we like.  We are thinking of starting buying items after Christmas time when we get Christmas out of the way!  Well I am off to bed kinda starting to babble on again!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ahhh Saturday

So happy I am off tomorrow and to top that load of happiness off we get another hour of sleep!!  YAY!  How much happier can a preggo get?  LOL  I have worked the past two days and let me tell you they have been interesting to say the least!  Some of the patients we have gotten have had stories you wouldn't believe!  So My feet are up and I am totally going to veg out for the rest of night until I pass out drooling on my pillow!  John is out hunting pigs at a local ranch here so just me for now until around midnight or so.  So pregnancy wise the fatigue has gotten alot better now and I hope it stays that way!  The tummy issues have lightened up too!  My next appt with the perinatologist on the 19th and the next OB appt is on December 2nd.  I hope we can make it to those appts without any complications!  I am just taking it one appt at a time!  Well gonna go get to the drooling part of my night!  NIGHT NIGHT FOLKS!

Monday, November 1, 2010

8 weeks 3 days sono

The picture of our 8 week 3 days sonogram everything looked great!

My buddy

Thought ya'll might get a kick out of this!  Our new little cat never leaves me alone she is always close and gets very mad after awhile of my being on the lap top and wanting some attention!

Happy Halloween!

We had a awesome Halloween weekend!  On Saturday we had a great party at my dad's house and they really out did themselves it was awesome and the kids all had a blast!  I will make sure to add a few pictures to the end of this post!  On sunday the girls came over again and we had dinner and then Uncle John took them trick or treating around the neighborhood while we stayed behind to pass out candy <3  We had alot of fun!  Kids got alot of Candy!  Some of the pictures are on Saturday and some on Sunday!  All my pretty neices looked awesome and Dustin was a feirce storm trooper/undercover jedi!

Friday October 29th

My first OB appt the first actual NORMAL appt!  LOL  It was alot of fun I remembered why I chose her to be my doctor and she really put me at ease!  She said we were going to do this we were going to get thru it all together meaning me, her and my perinatolgist.  Which made me feel really good!  We saw the baby she or he was moving around so much and had gotten so much bigger!  I will post some pictures of the baby a little later as I still am lazy and need to scan them!   I also got the infamous bag of prenatels and pamplets!  LOL

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life on progesterone!

Totally sucks!  For those of you who don't know progesterone is a drug that you naturally do produce the moment you ovulate and it helps the baby shall we say STICK!  It does many good things for the mother and baby.  I am on oral progesterone as well and will start more progesterone injections around 14 weeks gestation.  Well what sucks about it is....the side effects!!  Sleepyness, dizzy spells, hot flashes, ect.  It's just tons of fun on top of the pregnancy s/s that are already trying to take me out!  I will take everything with a smile because lord knows I appreciate just being pregnant and growing life inside me but I will be happy when I am holding a full term baby in my arms.  I made a promise to the baby I will try everything possible to keep her or him safe and I will do so.  I promise to be my baby's warrior!!  ROOOOAAARRR!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ouch baby!

So I started my lovenox injections for my wonderful little growing Bud.  OUCH they hurt they burn pretty bad at first but goes away pretty quickly after!  I have to take them once daily and then at 14 weeks I will add in the 17P injection once a week!  The lovenox is going to be 82 bucks a month which really sucks for us on top of the other medications we pay for but I keep saying its cheaper then NICU BILLS!!!  


Whole intelligender thing!

So John bought me a intelligender test which I in NO WAY believe whatsoever medically that you can tell the sex of the baby thru URINE but hey just for giggles I took it and I believe if that would be correct it would be a
I hope it's right!
The chinese birth chart says the same thing aswell and it was right with Dustin!

Hey there baby!

So I did have some concern this weekend kind of gross but I was spotting old blood again at least nothing compared to when I was pregnant with Dustin that was FULL on bleeding that I needed to be hospitalized for and that was bright red blood.  This was simple brown spotting which indicates "old" blood which is extremely common in the healthiest of pregnancies even.  So I remained calm and took it easy which I was in bed already with tummy issues anyways!  I made a appointment with my doctor's office this morning and got in right away it was a really good mood there and he showed me our pretty baby right away and BAM you could hear the heartbeat racing away and see baby moving around which seems to be alot!  Everytime I get a sono the baby is in a totally different location!  He did see where the blood was coming from outside the uterus a old bleed from implantation more then likely and not to worry about it cause baby is extremely healthy!  Put my mind at ease and I am down 14 pounds from the beginning of the pregnancy!  Crazy I know!  So of course I brought home a picture of my little budding baby!  You can't see the baby all that well in this shot it was moving its little nubs and legs earlier too cute! 

Friday, October 22, 2010

friday night....

So it's Friday night John and I had a great dinner I was a little scared because it was seafood and last time I had seafood I got sooooo sick!  We also went to babies'R'us to get some preggie pops which some of my friends have suggested for the morning sickness or in my case mainly night sickness.  I did have one tonight they weren't to bad.  I got a call back on my lovenox it was finally approved and they told me it would be 82 bucks a month!  Crazy but you know have to do what you have to do to get a healthy baby.  I am starting to freak out a bit about the money issue and trying to budget how we will buy things here and there each month.  I am always such a worry wart!  I like having a plan of attack on things especially buying of large amounts!  I look at my husband and I think of all the single people trying to make it through and they are just focused on getting sometime for the baby to sleep in and here I am worried about coordinating the nursery so everything matches perfectly.  I love him so much and am greatly thankful for him being such a great father, provider and husband <3  

Dustin had a great day today he had career day at school and dressed up as a nurse cause he did his career project on mommy.  He wanted to do his daddy but we didn't know how to exactly dress the part of a computer guy!  LOL Tomorrow we are going to head to grandma's church and get some pumpkins and take some pictures in the pumpkin patch to support grandma's and great grandma's church!  Wish us luck on the weather.
Please lord watch over my loved family and friends.....

6 weeks 3 days

Best sono ever!  John went to this appointment with me and I am glad he did!  We got to see the little heart beating away and hear it aswell.  Was a wonderful thing to see and hear that our little baby was doing so well.  His or her heartbeat was 116 beats per minute which is very good at that gestation!  Sono tech said everything looked good and I was even measuring a day ahead of schedule!  Got my prescription for the starting of lovenox which is a blood thinner that will help me keep my blood thinner because I have a MTHFR mutation that can make clotting a issue in pregnancy and may have caused me to have the severe HELLP syndrome that I had with Dustin in 2003 causing him to be born so premature.

5 weeks 5 days!

Our little one was happily growing it is amazing to see the changing of our little embryo happening so fast!

We were now the proud parents of a little blob instead of a speck!

I swear it looks like a girl what do you think??

Our first sono

Our first sonogram was wonderful at 5 weeks and 2 days gestation we could see the little gestational sac with the tinest of specks growing away inside it!  We were happy to know that at least the baby was in the uterus and not in the tube and was happily settled in!

Telling Everyone!

We had to tell Dustin next!  We had to wait until Friday October 1st to tell him so that he would not tell anyone else!  We had a plan that would let everyone know by the end of the weekend!

Dustin we video taped and I will try to post that on here later once John sends me the link!  We wrapped a baby monkey toy in a box and gave it to Dustin because we always call him a monkey!  He was really confused at first and wasn't to excited about getting a baby toy but after we told him why he was getting it he was VERY excited!  He has been giving mommy love ever since!  He loves his big brother shirt that was also given to him and can't wait for the baby to come and asks every day what the baby is doing? 

My Dad and Judy
They were next they were told last time when someone had heard that we were expecting and went to congratulate my dad that didn't even know!  I was so upset because last time I had a special evening planned for them with gifts as well.  This time the cover up was that it was also my birthday on October 2nd, Saturday.  So we invited them to dinner on Friday evening with some of our close family friends Kimmy and Deanna.  Before hand I had called the resturant to make reservations and explain to them what we wanted to do and tell everyone.  I had them wrap a wine bottle with baby wrapping paper and pretty bows.  Before we ate our meal I had the waiter bring it out to my dad to drink.  He was a little confused at first but quickly caught on!  Everyone was really happy and it turned out to be a wonderful night!

John's Parent's
John's parents were next on the schedule of fun!  We asked them to go to breakfast with us the next morning to celebrate again my birthday!  We had Dustin wear his "big brother" shirt and after again ordering our food I had him remove his jacket and John's mom quickly spotted the shirt!  They both were very happy and the morning had a great mood after that!

My mother and papa willy!
We were waiting for them to get into town from Huntsville Texas we had orginally planned to tell them that evening when we came back home from a wedding but when Dustin saw them he was overly excited and begged me to tell them both!!  So Dustin blurted it out in excitement and my mother smiled wide and was sooo happy for us!  And of course papa willy had to tease Dustin quite a bit!  She spent the next week with us and of course babied me the whole week!  Hey everyone needs it every now and then!

My sister & more family friends
She was first to find out last time and this time she ended up being one of the lasts!  Which I felt bad about but I couldn't take a chance of one of the girls finding out and auto posting it on facebook!  I wish I could have done everyone at one time but that just wasn't in the cards!  We had a BBQ on Sunday around 4pm again for my birthday!  I wore a DUE IN JUNE shirt around the house and just waited for people to notice!Mike and Jackie got their first and of course Jackie caught on right away and told Mike!  Then the girls came over and Jerry went to go pick up Wendy from work.  The girls didn't notice for a long time until finally Jackie said something!  LOL After that they were really excited!  Then Wendy came home and John told her go look at your sister's new shirt and she came inside and looked at was shocked!  LOL  We had alot of fun telling everyone and will always want to remember these moments!

Telling John!

We really had alot of fun telling everyone that we were expecting again!

First off I needed to tell John!
I put this on the bed and waited for him to come home!  He smiled right away and said he knew already he had a feeling!