Friday, October 22, 2010

friday night....

So it's Friday night John and I had a great dinner I was a little scared because it was seafood and last time I had seafood I got sooooo sick!  We also went to babies'R'us to get some preggie pops which some of my friends have suggested for the morning sickness or in my case mainly night sickness.  I did have one tonight they weren't to bad.  I got a call back on my lovenox it was finally approved and they told me it would be 82 bucks a month!  Crazy but you know have to do what you have to do to get a healthy baby.  I am starting to freak out a bit about the money issue and trying to budget how we will buy things here and there each month.  I am always such a worry wart!  I like having a plan of attack on things especially buying of large amounts!  I look at my husband and I think of all the single people trying to make it through and they are just focused on getting sometime for the baby to sleep in and here I am worried about coordinating the nursery so everything matches perfectly.  I love him so much and am greatly thankful for him being such a great father, provider and husband <3  

Dustin had a great day today he had career day at school and dressed up as a nurse cause he did his career project on mommy.  He wanted to do his daddy but we didn't know how to exactly dress the part of a computer guy!  LOL Tomorrow we are going to head to grandma's church and get some pumpkins and take some pictures in the pumpkin patch to support grandma's and great grandma's church!  Wish us luck on the weather.
Please lord watch over my loved family and friends.....

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