Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey there baby!

So I did have some concern this weekend kind of gross but I was spotting old blood again at least nothing compared to when I was pregnant with Dustin that was FULL on bleeding that I needed to be hospitalized for and that was bright red blood.  This was simple brown spotting which indicates "old" blood which is extremely common in the healthiest of pregnancies even.  So I remained calm and took it easy which I was in bed already with tummy issues anyways!  I made a appointment with my doctor's office this morning and got in right away it was a really good mood there and he showed me our pretty baby right away and BAM you could hear the heartbeat racing away and see baby moving around which seems to be alot!  Everytime I get a sono the baby is in a totally different location!  He did see where the blood was coming from outside the uterus a old bleed from implantation more then likely and not to worry about it cause baby is extremely healthy!  Put my mind at ease and I am down 14 pounds from the beginning of the pregnancy!  Crazy I know!  So of course I brought home a picture of my little budding baby!  You can't see the baby all that well in this shot it was moving its little nubs and legs earlier too cute! 

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