Friday, October 22, 2010

First Post....

Well I have decided to start a blog about our growing family that way many of you can follow along with our family and also the latest edition coming in June of 2011.  We are really excited but scared all at the same time because yes we all know Dustin was born premature.  We have a wonderful team of doctor's that really support us and believe we can make it thru this! 

Here is a slight catch up in dates of the baby!

Due June 7th 2011
We found out # 2 was coming September 24th 2010

Went to the doctors on Monday September 27th and the blood test was positive at 61 mlu!

Followed up with the doctor on the next Friday to make sure numbers were doubling and of course they were at 424!

We are so happy baby is doing well and growing healthy!


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