Friday, October 22, 2010

6 weeks 3 days

Best sono ever!  John went to this appointment with me and I am glad he did!  We got to see the little heart beating away and hear it aswell.  Was a wonderful thing to see and hear that our little baby was doing so well.  His or her heartbeat was 116 beats per minute which is very good at that gestation!  Sono tech said everything looked good and I was even measuring a day ahead of schedule!  Got my prescription for the starting of lovenox which is a blood thinner that will help me keep my blood thinner because I have a MTHFR mutation that can make clotting a issue in pregnancy and may have caused me to have the severe HELLP syndrome that I had with Dustin in 2003 causing him to be born so premature.

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  1. congrats hun! you know im excited for you!
    go follow my blog!! :)