Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life on progesterone!

Totally sucks!  For those of you who don't know progesterone is a drug that you naturally do produce the moment you ovulate and it helps the baby shall we say STICK!  It does many good things for the mother and baby.  I am on oral progesterone as well and will start more progesterone injections around 14 weeks gestation.  Well what sucks about it is....the side effects!!  Sleepyness, dizzy spells, hot flashes, ect.  It's just tons of fun on top of the pregnancy s/s that are already trying to take me out!  I will take everything with a smile because lord knows I appreciate just being pregnant and growing life inside me but I will be happy when I am holding a full term baby in my arms.  I made a promise to the baby I will try everything possible to keep her or him safe and I will do so.  I promise to be my baby's warrior!!  ROOOOAAARRR!!

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  1. Oh I hated progesterone injections when we did IVF. the first two times it was 1cc. the third time is was 2cc's. horrible.

    I wish you luck and send you prayers.