Wednesday, March 30, 2011

They came in!

For some reason getting stuff in the mail makes me smile!  I guess when you have nothing else to do it is a little like Christmas since I can't go shopping in person!  Sooo HAPPY DAYS!  In the mail I got the little butterflies that I ordered for Delanie's room <3  I also got the brother and sister shirt set!  Which came out really well and was wrapped nicely and the brands of the shirts were both name brand the boy's was hanes and the girl's was carter's.  So at least I know I will be able to wash them okay.  I also turned 30 weeks yesterday!!  YAY happy days!  I was so tired I slept for hours yesterday for some reason?  Who knows!  There has been alot of nights of me watching my belly as you can see her move from the outside now which for some reason makes it that much more real that OMG there is a little human in there!  When she has the hiccups which are often I can see my belly jump.  She amazes me and she isn't even here yet =)  My baby shower is this weekend and I almost don't want to say it out loud because I was always scared I would never make it!  Looks like me and Delanie are going to party after all well from a sitting down reclined position anyways!  This will be my first shower were I am actually pregnant and not worrying about being away from my baby.  So that is nice!  I get to have her with me!!  John also told me a surprise yesterday he was going to try to keep but said he better tell me so I don't refuse the package when the UPS man comes LOL  He bought Delanie's carseat and stroller set so that we can get it ready for her to come home <3  I am so excited that things seem to be coming together and seems like the loose ends are starting to tighten up!  I guess this is what it feels like to be more in the home stretch of a "real" pregnancy.  Even though it hasn't been my dream pregnancy at least I still have the chance and will have a healthy baby girl in my arms.  So excited for that HUGE breath of relief when I hear her first cry!  I waited so long to hear Dustin cry he had a tube down his throat for almost 8 weeks!  Delanie I will hear right away and for the long run after LOL  I have been having alot of dreams of labor and the day she will be born and breastfeeding her and dressing her.  Of Dustin being so happy she is finally out and he is meeting her.  I think I am more excited to see him with his sister then anything!  Giving John's and my parent's a happy delivery to be at!  My sister will be there for her first delivery with me she lived in GA when Dustin came so sudden she missed it.  This one I have a feeling we might have to have security remove her LMAO  She has many plans for Delanie!  All family and freinds will be happy and that is the picture that matters <3  Not how I got there but getting there!

Here are some pictures as you know I love to post pictures of random junk that I get!

Carseat and stroller set =)  Had to get something not to girlie for John to carry around!

How it came wrapped =)  how sweet!

Dustin's child 1 shirt!

And now Delanie child 2 shirt

Together they make my kiddos!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011


So 51 more days until Delanie is born.  My inlaws came for a visit today that was nice and they brought me lunch and also made a trip to Target to try to help me get my overnight bag ready for the hospital since we are rounding a bend now.  Sharon went and bought me a robe and another set of PJ's and all my stuff for my cosmetic bag and things that she thought I might need aswell.  I will start getting it all together incase we have to leave suddenly.  She also brought us our baby gift from John's grandparents which I was extremely excited about!  John's grandmother crochets blankets for the babies born!  I loved Dustin's blanket when he was a baby and will pass it on to him and his family and now we have Delanie's in a pretty shade of pink!  YAY!!   Just wanting time to pass by faster!  Knowing I will look on this later and read how hard it was to wait and know it will feel so good to sit back and not have to wait anymore.  I dream alot of her lately mostly about the birth and happiness that amazes me.  The look on my sweet husbands face and all the family too.  51 more days of multiple injections after that no more pin cushion for me!  No more daily pokes and weekly sticks!  YAY!  But I know it's all worth it in the end. 

Some of my injections!  Can't wait to say BYE BYE!

Two differnt types in here

Delanie's family blanket!!  How wonderful!!

SOOOO perfect!!

She got diapers and a little bunny too =)

Friday, March 25, 2011

29 weeks 3 days

Okie after my last blog I passed out and fell asleep for hours!  Weird!  I did wake up and snap a few pictures of the belly and I also will post a couple of my sweet son!  He had western day at school so he was a happy camper this morning =)

Looks like his daddy here

So silly and perfect

29 weeks 3 days looks small in this picture!!  Feels so much bigger LOL

High Risk appt

Today was a okay appt got lots of pictures of baby but she would not for the life of me get her dang hand out of her face so it is in most of the shots LOL  She was very active and scored a 8/8 on her BPP which is a health score for non-medical people.  She is a HEFTY 3 pounds 3 oz!  Doctor is still shocked and happy with her being a full figured neonate!  All her organs were nice and healthy and she was trying to practice breathing the WHOLE time!  The tech thought it was so cute she took several video clips of her breathing and also some of her moving her little lips and trying to eat her hands.  She never sucks her thumb just tries the WHOLE hand out!  My cervix was still short of course and was a little worse then 2 weeks ago but still stable.  It was a 2.04 unpressed and with pressure it was a 1.7 down to the stitch.  So if we had not chose to do the cerclage Delanie would in NO way be here now with us on the road to possibly being close to term!  So all in all a good appt.  Same restrictions none have lightened up but I have been getting up to get drinks and food (quick snacks) by myself since my mother has went back home.  But I think it's better for my circulation.  My sister and friends and family are often here so there is actually rare days that I am alone.  I will take a belly picture a little later on today so there will be another blog this evening.  Also I took some pictures of Dustin this morning cause he dressed up for western day at school.  Which alot of his western attire he has grown out of since mommy has been on bedrest so I guess we will have to go to the store once I get off =)  Well I will attach all the pictures and videos all the videos are pretty much her trying to breath and moving her little lips!  Have fun!

side view of face with her fingers in her little mouth

Side view with those fingers again!

about to put them back in her mouth

looking at you now!  LOL eyes nose and lips

Fat cheeks and eyes and nose and mouth

Side view with the hands out just for a second!  


Thursday, March 24, 2011

OBGYN visit

So today I went to my OBGYN's office which was pretty fast for once!  I was so surprised I didn't have to wait for over a hour or two!  Everything was good she doesn't do as much as my high risk does that appt is tomorrow.  We listened to the heartbeat and I am measuring great a little ahead but good and she said Delanie is head down right now so I was right on that.  She OFFICIALLY scheduled our c-section for May 19th @ 7am in the morning =) So Delanie will be here it about 5 appts LOL Everything kind of goes by appts with me for some reason!  She said still the strict bedrest and maybe around 34 weeks depending on how things are looking I might be able to do a little more =)  So that will be April 19th =)  Fingers crossed I get to!  I would love to go to the store in a wheelchair at least before she is born!  Well tomorrow will be more exciting I will also take another belly picture tomorrow =)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Horrid night happy day!

Oh goodness last night was rough for me!  I somehow must have pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve in by left shoulder last night so I had intense burning pain that was hard to ignore all night!  John rubbed my shoulder for awhile and I took a hot shower did the heating pad, then also put rubbing cream on there.  We had no tylenol in the house whatsoever and I was not going to send John out that late at night so I just stayed up in pain most of the night not able to get comfty at all!  Was bad but then this morning after John and Dustin left for the day I did fall asleep in a weird but comfty position and slept for a LONG time!  On another note John and mine anniversary is today!  So happy that 9 years ago we said I do today!  We have been thru so much in our lives together and we are so strong and I am thankful for that!  I have been with him since I was 16 years old that was 1998!  So glad we have stayed by eachother's side and created even more life with eachother!  I couldn't have chosen any better and glad he chose me as well.  I sent him a surprise starbucks gift basket to work cause I felt bad I couldn't go shopping for him and I knew he wouldn't expect that!  He was happy with it and was surprised!  So tonight not sure what we are doing we will prolly get take out from a nice place and I know we are watching a movie together <3  Here in bed of course!  Tomorrow is a OBGYN appt for Delanie and I will officially schedule our c-section date tomorrow with the office.  I am a little worried cause after Monday's drama she has decided to stay head down which puts more pressure on my cervix so not happy with that and just hope everything behaves!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

YAY shopping again...

So been messing around shopping online today!  Wendy brought me lunch today too so that was fun.  I bought two shirts from motherhood maternity cause I am down to rotating 3 t-shirts and the doctor's appts are just getting heavier and sometimes we can't get laundry done that fast because I have to wait for someone to come do laundry or John to do it when he gets home late at night.  So that will help and they were having a buy one get one 50% off sale too.  Then I bought on some white butterflies to go on Delanie's room wall.  I really think I am going more towards butterflies and soft flowers for her room.  I also bought Dustin and Delanie brother sister shirts on there!  I will attach the picture of the item I bought but of course it will be with their names on them not the ones in the picture =)  Delanie's baby book came in the other day too which I was really happy about because I can't look inside the book from the web so I was hoping it was cute and everything I wanted inside and it was =)  I will attach a picture of that too!

Neat right??  They will have each of their names on them too =))

My daily trouble maker.......always in trouble!!

Delanie's baby book came in <3

29 weeks today!

Really starting to love every Tuesday!  I love waking up and knowing we have made it another week and another milestone!  Next week is 30 weeks??  That is mind blowing!  I never thought I would make it to after 28 weeks and now we are just going and going!  It still blows my mind to think I can maaaaaaaybe go all the way I mean it's not as far out of our reach as it was before?  57 days until our scheduled c-section!  WOW that isn't so far when you put it like that?  My doctor said at 34 weeks if I am doing good I may be able to go to the store in a wheelchair or go out to eat!  That would be great!  I really want to go to hobby lobby to get Delanie some more decorations for her room <3  That is only 5 weeks away now!  Hopefully a little less pressure by then!  Delanie switched positions after yesterday's events and her head is more down which makes it way more pressure for me so hopefully she moves back to a better breech position.  Its just more comfty that way with less pelvic pressure on me.  Watching the news this morning it's still so sad about the large up coming costs of the 17P injections that help keep premature labor at bay that so many mothers to be need.  Alot of insurance companies still are not going to pay for even the new product that is FDA approved leaving alot of mother's to choose what to do for their babies.  1500 dollars a week is alot to pay especially for those who can barely get by as it is.  I see the prematurity rate going up drastically soon sadly.  I am glad we made it in just in time to get all of ours taken care of but sad for all those that will be lost without it.  It's a ray of hope that has been taken away for these poor mommies and babies.  Will keep saying my preemie prayers everyday!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Blah drama...

Well last night I had some back pain that was burning from one side to another and some tummy issues as well.  Felt alot like when I was in labor with Dustin.  Started around 430pm and ended around 9pm took a hot shower and drank lots of water and switched alot of positions and finally let up some.  I called the doctor this morning just to let them know about it but I was feeling okay just a little sick to my tummy still.  Baby is great moving alot she finally fell asleep today long enough where they could get a good strip on the monitor.  The doctor let us go home and if anything else should arise I can go get a sono and remeasurement from my high risk doctor.  I have a appt on Thursday with the OBGYN and a appt on Friday with the high risk doctor so I would love to wait to do anything until then.  I think Friday depending on the remeasurements I will then do the steriods for Delanie.  As we have been holding out because she has been doing so well.  Which I want to continue to do if possible so that she can grow and grow and do it closer to her birthday if she is born early for them to have a better effect.  Fingers crossed everything dies down and stays died down so that we can go at least another few weeks.  I am getting greedy with the weeks now and wanting more and more weeks to pass before she comes!  My goals change by the week inching to make it a little farther along.  I keep thinking as each week passes each medication or IV she won't need and the risk of brain bleeds and NEC gets better.  I mean I know no matter what we have accomplished alot but is it so bad to want more?  I really want that dream delivery at least as much as possible since it will be a repeat c-section.  But also for my son to see his sister and be wearing his big brother shirt and have a amazing smile on his face and ask questions about her and laugh about how silly they are.  I want everyone to be able to see her and visit us in the hospital something they can't do in the NICU.  I guess just praying I know it's in god 's hands and if she comes early I know it's for a special reason and it's just what is meant to be.  I know she is safe right now and just take it one day at a time.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

YAY more progress!

So John and Uncle Peewee put the crib and some other things together in Delanie's room it's starting to look so good!  Nothing is really in the right place as we still have the queen bed in there for a little while longer then we will move it out and move the rest of the furniture in there like the chair and a few other things and then arrange the dressers and crib how we want them.  Still need to buy some more decor items which I will search the web tomorrow to find some more.  I still can't believe that I am almost 29 weeks!!  I am so excited to think we will be that much closer to our term baby dream!  I have been on bedrest now seems like forever but I know it will be over soon!  It has been since 18 weeks now so 11 weeks already!  I have so many things I want to do as soon as I can get out of bed again!  One of them is just go for a nice walk outside.  The doctor said at around 34 weeks she might let me start doing a few things like going out to dinner somewhere close.  I do have alot of pressure and pain when I do get up or walk to much or sit on hard places like on doctor appointment days.  So I will have to see exactly how much I can do when I am even allowed to do it!  But no matter what it will beat being in bed 23 hours a day that is forsure!  Dustin on a note got to go to the movies with my sister and brother in law yesterday with their girls and then today they took him to the children's museum in New Braunfels to play.  He really loved it and kept talking about a fun cave with fake bats and next time he was going to need to bring a flash light mom....LOL  He has been cracking us up all night cause of course he had to be a big helper in little sister's room.  Well now the part you have been waiting for!  Here are some more pictures!

Daddy and Uncle Peewee putting the crib together

Dustin is having to much fun here

He can't contain it!

Sad face!  LOL  He was playing



Working hard

Crib!!  We will move it later to were we want it

There's gonna be a baby in there!!


My baby boy with the kitty

Changing table dresser with the new butterfly hanging thing I bought

Too cute!

So pretty!


Friday, March 18, 2011

hard day

I am usually good I try to be upbeat but today I am really fighting it.  I just look out the window and wish I could be outside watering the yard or pulling out the slip n slide for the kids or cleaning the pool yes even to clean I would love to do it!  I feel like a bad mom because Dustin hasn't done anything really cool on springbreak I am hoping the teacher doesn't want to do some assignment on their springbreak vacation cause Dustin won't have much to write.  Course he is fine with it and understanding but sometimes that makes it harder on a parent when they are so good.  I just really want to go somewhere.  I think I will be in shock when I see the grocery store again or a target or walmart anywhere really.  I really want to go on a car ride somewhere at least but I am so scared to take any chances.  If something happens that would mean pain for Delanie that would mean IV's and possible a vent for her under developed lungs.  If I somehow did not do everything I could I know it would kill me to see her hurting when she would normally be safe and sound inside me.  I think having a child go thru it already makes it a better picture for me to see them suffering like that and you are there helpless.  You can't take the pain from them nor the spinal taps or IV's or surgeries.  You sleep comfortable while they struggle to breath.  I just can't do that.  But this sucks too so I guess I just needed to vent and whine just a little.  So sore from laying in bed so lonely from no one to talk to and John is always so busy maintaining the house and work and side jobs and feeding us I don't ever spend alot of time with anyone.  He has to go to the ranch tomorrow for his boss to help out on some cameras so he will be gone the day or more and I am sad about that but I know I need to share him.  I just know it will be a day of sandwiches and hotpockets and cereal cause that is all I can grab really quick.  I am so tired of junk type food and quick meals.  Would love to go to a sit down resturant to get a salad and something different.  I know I will forget all this time and all these emotions soon enough.  Just time time time.....wishing it would pass faster.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Thought I would take a few more pictures of the room.  It's pretty messy because the bed is pushed in the middle and everything that has been in there had to be kind of thrown on the bed to keep from paint getting on it.  They put up the chair rail and also painted the trim a nice shade of white.  Wendy just has to put one more coat on the doors and the painting part is completed!  So happy to see the progress and know soon I will be rocking a little baby in there =)  I can't wait to keep showing everyone pictures so they can see it all as it comes together slowly!  I started looking for more decor items I bought a butterfly hanging kinda thing to put over the changing table for her to look at <3  Also bought a baby book I hope I like it but I had to order online since I can't go to the stores to look at them in person.  She has been moving so much lately I have no clue what's going on in there,  She had the hiccups three times yesterday and once so far today.  John just came to bring us meds and food and he is off to a side job now.  Poor hunny he really runs himself ragged between being a full time dad, housekeeper, pregnant lady runner, nurse, massager, chef, animal keeper, ect.  He hits the bed around midnight or later every night and wakes up early to get Dustin ready and feed both of us and all the animals then run to work with speed.  I feel badly he needs a partner but he just smiles I know it will be worth it to him in the end and he will happily hand over mommy duties again!  Dustin got picked up around 4pm by his grandma he is going to stay the night there so they can take him somewhere for springbreak poor guy.  He was happy though and was going to target to spend some of his birthday cash on toys.  Poor little guy woke up last night and was sick to his tummy and puked everywhere but I think he just ate something bad cause he was fine today all day.  Poor daddy had to clean it all up and Dustin and put him back to bed again.  Well let me share some pictures with you all!

Look at my beautiful son!
Chair rail and trim
Cat inspecting
Closet shelves they will all have cute totes and baskets
Crazy kitty!
27 weeks 6 days
He is so perfect <3

Surreal moment....

WOW I am 28 weeks today!  I can't believe I am 7 months pregnant and in the third trimester.  Something I have never gotten to experiance before.  It's just I am a little awe struck by it and actually wondering Can I make it all the way?  It kind of seems like I might?  I mean it's not as far away from my grasp now.  What if I go all the way and I actually have my dream day with a baby in my arms after birth?  Even if that doesn't happen I still have made huge goals to keep baby at least safer.  I think of the things I might not have to deal with even at 28 weeks like maybe even no vent time.  Dustin was on the vent so long they thought he would never get off.  He was so weak and I felt so bad he went thru so much pain and at least this one won't go thru as much as her poor brother had to.  I worry about delivering early for so many reasons but mostly is people don't realize how very much Delanie means to Dustin and that she is HIS baby!  I am sad because if born early he will have to wait to meet his sister until she is released.  Which could be around her duedate if born early.  I think that would crush him.  He loves my belly everyday and talks and reads to her and we let him know she is his sister his other partner in life that will always share blood and memories.  He is the reason why we braved and tried again.  Hearing your little boy say he was lonely is just heartbreaking.  So we sucked it up and took a leap of faith with many boundries in the middle but we made it thru.  I am glad we tried again look how far we have already come??  Imagine if we had never given it a shot?  All the what if's in life?  I have always felt there was that hole in our family all though they were more then enough and I have the best little family in the world with two men that hover over me one small one big fighting to hold my hand and give me good night kisses.  I just felt there was always room and a place for one more.  There is always that third bedroom in a house that seems so empty when the rest are full of sleeping heads.  There was that empty room that needed to be filled with a beating heart and dreaming head.  I know life will be balanced and good from this moment on.  We will be a family of four after all !!  On to nothing but good times!

Friday, March 11, 2011


The appointment went really well didn't have to wait so long this time.  My cervix was a little over a 2 with funneling still sensitive but doing good this week!  Delanie was great and weighed 2 pounds 8 oz and was moving around.  Heartrate was great and all her other organs.   She said we can wait until next appt. to talk about the steriods.  Which that is fine with me the closer to birth the better but she has always told me if I feel anything go to L&D and we will start them right away.  I have had alot of pelvic pain since yesterday but I think it's due to sitting on a hard seat at my other doctor's appt for to long.  Weird how your body changes I feel like I am 80 sometimes.  Delanie's nursing chair came in yesterday late afternoon after a huge fiasco.  I also got our doppler and John and Dustin and mom loved it.  Its really clear and works great.  Nice to play with her even though everytime we use it she gets really upset and moves.  We didn't get alot of good shots today but got two of her face on the CD but I have some better ones on picture paper but I will have to get John to scan them for me.

You can see her cheeks nose and eyes
another harder one though look for her eyes LOL