Monday, March 21, 2011

Blah drama...

Well last night I had some back pain that was burning from one side to another and some tummy issues as well.  Felt alot like when I was in labor with Dustin.  Started around 430pm and ended around 9pm took a hot shower and drank lots of water and switched alot of positions and finally let up some.  I called the doctor this morning just to let them know about it but I was feeling okay just a little sick to my tummy still.  Baby is great moving alot she finally fell asleep today long enough where they could get a good strip on the monitor.  The doctor let us go home and if anything else should arise I can go get a sono and remeasurement from my high risk doctor.  I have a appt on Thursday with the OBGYN and a appt on Friday with the high risk doctor so I would love to wait to do anything until then.  I think Friday depending on the remeasurements I will then do the steriods for Delanie.  As we have been holding out because she has been doing so well.  Which I want to continue to do if possible so that she can grow and grow and do it closer to her birthday if she is born early for them to have a better effect.  Fingers crossed everything dies down and stays died down so that we can go at least another few weeks.  I am getting greedy with the weeks now and wanting more and more weeks to pass before she comes!  My goals change by the week inching to make it a little farther along.  I keep thinking as each week passes each medication or IV she won't need and the risk of brain bleeds and NEC gets better.  I mean I know no matter what we have accomplished alot but is it so bad to want more?  I really want that dream delivery at least as much as possible since it will be a repeat c-section.  But also for my son to see his sister and be wearing his big brother shirt and have a amazing smile on his face and ask questions about her and laugh about how silly they are.  I want everyone to be able to see her and visit us in the hospital something they can't do in the NICU.  I guess just praying I know it's in god 's hands and if she comes early I know it's for a special reason and it's just what is meant to be.  I know she is safe right now and just take it one day at a time.

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