Tuesday, March 22, 2011

29 weeks today!

Really starting to love every Tuesday!  I love waking up and knowing we have made it another week and another milestone!  Next week is 30 weeks??  That is mind blowing!  I never thought I would make it to after 28 weeks and now we are just going and going!  It still blows my mind to think I can maaaaaaaybe go all the way I mean it's not as far out of our reach as it was before?  57 days until our scheduled c-section!  WOW that isn't so far when you put it like that?  My doctor said at 34 weeks if I am doing good I may be able to go to the store in a wheelchair or go out to eat!  That would be great!  I really want to go to hobby lobby to get Delanie some more decorations for her room <3  That is only 5 weeks away now!  Hopefully a little less pressure by then!  Delanie switched positions after yesterday's events and her head is more down which makes it way more pressure for me so hopefully she moves back to a better breech position.  Its just more comfty that way with less pelvic pressure on me.  Watching the news this morning it's still so sad about the large up coming costs of the 17P injections that help keep premature labor at bay that so many mothers to be need.  Alot of insurance companies still are not going to pay for even the new product that is FDA approved leaving alot of mother's to choose what to do for their babies.  1500 dollars a week is alot to pay especially for those who can barely get by as it is.  I see the prematurity rate going up drastically soon sadly.  I am glad we made it in just in time to get all of ours taken care of but sad for all those that will be lost without it.  It's a ray of hope that has been taken away for these poor mommies and babies.  Will keep saying my preemie prayers everyday!

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