Thursday, March 24, 2011

OBGYN visit

So today I went to my OBGYN's office which was pretty fast for once!  I was so surprised I didn't have to wait for over a hour or two!  Everything was good she doesn't do as much as my high risk does that appt is tomorrow.  We listened to the heartbeat and I am measuring great a little ahead but good and she said Delanie is head down right now so I was right on that.  She OFFICIALLY scheduled our c-section for May 19th @ 7am in the morning =) So Delanie will be here it about 5 appts LOL Everything kind of goes by appts with me for some reason!  She said still the strict bedrest and maybe around 34 weeks depending on how things are looking I might be able to do a little more =)  So that will be April 19th =)  Fingers crossed I get to!  I would love to go to the store in a wheelchair at least before she is born!  Well tomorrow will be more exciting I will also take another belly picture tomorrow =)

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