Friday, March 25, 2011

High Risk appt

Today was a okay appt got lots of pictures of baby but she would not for the life of me get her dang hand out of her face so it is in most of the shots LOL  She was very active and scored a 8/8 on her BPP which is a health score for non-medical people.  She is a HEFTY 3 pounds 3 oz!  Doctor is still shocked and happy with her being a full figured neonate!  All her organs were nice and healthy and she was trying to practice breathing the WHOLE time!  The tech thought it was so cute she took several video clips of her breathing and also some of her moving her little lips and trying to eat her hands.  She never sucks her thumb just tries the WHOLE hand out!  My cervix was still short of course and was a little worse then 2 weeks ago but still stable.  It was a 2.04 unpressed and with pressure it was a 1.7 down to the stitch.  So if we had not chose to do the cerclage Delanie would in NO way be here now with us on the road to possibly being close to term!  So all in all a good appt.  Same restrictions none have lightened up but I have been getting up to get drinks and food (quick snacks) by myself since my mother has went back home.  But I think it's better for my circulation.  My sister and friends and family are often here so there is actually rare days that I am alone.  I will take a belly picture a little later on today so there will be another blog this evening.  Also I took some pictures of Dustin this morning cause he dressed up for western day at school.  Which alot of his western attire he has grown out of since mommy has been on bedrest so I guess we will have to go to the store once I get off =)  Well I will attach all the pictures and videos all the videos are pretty much her trying to breath and moving her little lips!  Have fun!

side view of face with her fingers in her little mouth

Side view with those fingers again!

about to put them back in her mouth

looking at you now!  LOL eyes nose and lips

Fat cheeks and eyes and nose and mouth

Side view with the hands out just for a second!  


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