Monday, March 7, 2011


Well today was a little different!  Jackie came over to hang out with me and brought me Bill Miller's YUM!  We just vegged out and talked and she got some insight in my daily boring life.  John also bought me a little hand held fetal doppler so that him and Dustin could listen to our sweet baby's heartbeat!  I never bought one before cause I never really knew how long I would be pregnant.  But I am feeling good these days even with the uneasy doctor's appt last time.   I was contracting on and off a week or so ago but none lately so fingers crossed Delanie stays put for the long run!  I am excited for Dustin to hear the baby!  It should be at the house in about 2-3 days.  I figure it's not to much of a waste of money cause I can always resale it easy or use it at work for my patients.  So win win either way!  I have alot of friends who are still wanting to have babies still too so I am sure they would love to borrow it.  Trying to work on a baby shower invite list and not sure which way I would like to go on it!  So if you would like to be invited please email me at or facebook me!  

Here is a picture of the doppler we bought has really good reviews =)

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