Monday, March 28, 2011


So 51 more days until Delanie is born.  My inlaws came for a visit today that was nice and they brought me lunch and also made a trip to Target to try to help me get my overnight bag ready for the hospital since we are rounding a bend now.  Sharon went and bought me a robe and another set of PJ's and all my stuff for my cosmetic bag and things that she thought I might need aswell.  I will start getting it all together incase we have to leave suddenly.  She also brought us our baby gift from John's grandparents which I was extremely excited about!  John's grandmother crochets blankets for the babies born!  I loved Dustin's blanket when he was a baby and will pass it on to him and his family and now we have Delanie's in a pretty shade of pink!  YAY!!   Just wanting time to pass by faster!  Knowing I will look on this later and read how hard it was to wait and know it will feel so good to sit back and not have to wait anymore.  I dream alot of her lately mostly about the birth and happiness that amazes me.  The look on my sweet husbands face and all the family too.  51 more days of multiple injections after that no more pin cushion for me!  No more daily pokes and weekly sticks!  YAY!  But I know it's all worth it in the end. 

Some of my injections!  Can't wait to say BYE BYE!

Two differnt types in here

Delanie's family blanket!!  How wonderful!!

SOOOO perfect!!

She got diapers and a little bunny too =)

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