Tuesday, March 1, 2011

YAY results

So a little good news today =)  I do not have gestational diabetes YAY!  My sugars were wonderful.  I also am doing good with my clotting and platelets are good at 322.  My iron (H&H) had gone down a bit so I need to up my iron intake to help that out before delivery so I don't get a blood transfusion.  I will have my husband take care of that with a nice juicy steak and some salad =)  My dad came by to see me today and brought some gifts for Delanie =)  This little girl is getting spoiled already but I am loving it.  I love looking thru all the stuff cause it's in my room hanging out right now =)  I can't wait for the day for her to see it all and use it all on her.  Hopefully not to soon though!  I have taken a few pictures and some more belly shots course I did not dress up wearing regular cloths even LOL  

Delanie's dresser in the hallway the crib is still in the box =)

26 weeks

26 weeks

Stuff!  some of Delanie's things like her mattress and some other things

Delanie's gift today from dad and Judy

Cute bunny

Baskets and hamper that came in yesterday we still have to cut and fix the ribbon

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