Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Horrid night happy day!

Oh goodness last night was rough for me!  I somehow must have pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve in by left shoulder last night so I had intense burning pain that was hard to ignore all night!  John rubbed my shoulder for awhile and I took a hot shower did the heating pad, then also put rubbing cream on there.  We had no tylenol in the house whatsoever and I was not going to send John out that late at night so I just stayed up in pain most of the night not able to get comfty at all!  Was bad but then this morning after John and Dustin left for the day I did fall asleep in a weird but comfty position and slept for a LONG time!  On another note John and mine anniversary is today!  So happy that 9 years ago we said I do today!  We have been thru so much in our lives together and we are so strong and I am thankful for that!  I have been with him since I was 16 years old that was 1998!  So glad we have stayed by eachother's side and created even more life with eachother!  I couldn't have chosen any better and glad he chose me as well.  I sent him a surprise starbucks gift basket to work cause I felt bad I couldn't go shopping for him and I knew he wouldn't expect that!  He was happy with it and was surprised!  So tonight not sure what we are doing we will prolly get take out from a nice place and I know we are watching a movie together <3  Here in bed of course!  Tomorrow is a OBGYN appt for Delanie and I will officially schedule our c-section date tomorrow with the office.  I am a little worried cause after Monday's drama she has decided to stay head down which puts more pressure on my cervix so not happy with that and just hope everything behaves!

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