Thursday, March 10, 2011

OB visit

So this was just a regular OBGYN visit today and I almost hate going to these cause everything really gets done with the high risk doctor anyways.  So basically you wait 2 hours in uncomfty chairs for them to say YAY your still pregnant and listen to the heart tones on a doppler and then send you home and come back in 2 weeks.  I am so sore by the time I leave and it's all for nothing BLAH.  Baby was doing good though I am doing good.  I am still under my pre pregnancy weight.  Baby Delanie's heart rate was 156 and fundal height was good and a little larger then normal.  She also did tell me one good piece of information!  She said she is willing to let me go to 38 weeks if it's okay with the high risk doctor!!  YAY!!  So she wants me to pick a day to have Delanie so that we can go ahead and schedule it!  WOW!  That makes it seem real and a nice goal to look to!  So later this week John and I will decide what date we will shoot for!  We will keep ya'll posted!

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