Saturday, March 19, 2011

YAY more progress!

So John and Uncle Peewee put the crib and some other things together in Delanie's room it's starting to look so good!  Nothing is really in the right place as we still have the queen bed in there for a little while longer then we will move it out and move the rest of the furniture in there like the chair and a few other things and then arrange the dressers and crib how we want them.  Still need to buy some more decor items which I will search the web tomorrow to find some more.  I still can't believe that I am almost 29 weeks!!  I am so excited to think we will be that much closer to our term baby dream!  I have been on bedrest now seems like forever but I know it will be over soon!  It has been since 18 weeks now so 11 weeks already!  I have so many things I want to do as soon as I can get out of bed again!  One of them is just go for a nice walk outside.  The doctor said at around 34 weeks she might let me start doing a few things like going out to dinner somewhere close.  I do have alot of pressure and pain when I do get up or walk to much or sit on hard places like on doctor appointment days.  So I will have to see exactly how much I can do when I am even allowed to do it!  But no matter what it will beat being in bed 23 hours a day that is forsure!  Dustin on a note got to go to the movies with my sister and brother in law yesterday with their girls and then today they took him to the children's museum in New Braunfels to play.  He really loved it and kept talking about a fun cave with fake bats and next time he was going to need to bring a flash light mom....LOL  He has been cracking us up all night cause of course he had to be a big helper in little sister's room.  Well now the part you have been waiting for!  Here are some more pictures!

Daddy and Uncle Peewee putting the crib together

Dustin is having to much fun here

He can't contain it!

Sad face!  LOL  He was playing



Working hard

Crib!!  We will move it later to were we want it

There's gonna be a baby in there!!


My baby boy with the kitty

Changing table dresser with the new butterfly hanging thing I bought

Too cute!

So pretty!


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