Saturday, March 5, 2011


Yesterday was fun it was alot different anyhow!  I did go to the livingroom so that was kind of nice to change places.  I hadn't been able to cause when I layed on the couch I still felt pressure cause it was a bit more firmer then the bed.  But yesterday I went out there to visit with all my hosts to my baby shower and I was comfty the whole time so that was nice!  Kimmy and Deanna and Sylvia and Sarah and Wendy all came over to talk the baby shower plans over.  I am really excited we plan to do it on April 2nd 2011 at 2pm.  I am pretty excited to see people and have a good time.  I will be laying and sitting down the whole time in the livingroom but it will still be fun and I am sure everyone will understand.  I think I will be around 30 weeks at the time so that would be great to make it to the shower which will be my next goal.  28 weeks is a huge goal next though which would be awesome but I will keep extending my goals happily.  I am getting really nervous about the bedsores and breakdown lately and going to try to see what all we can do to prevent that from happening as I can feel my skin getting VERY sensitive from where I lay on and very sore.  I am hoping we can avoid all that I am nervous to tell my doctor's my concerns because I am scared they will admit me for good so that I can have care at the hospital and a special mattress but I don't want to be away from Dustin or John.  Just not yet if I don't have to and I would really like to make it to the shower at least without being on hospital lockdown just yet.  LOL  I am behaving though and still have not cheated and I KNOW I have done everything I could to keep this baby in.  I know that from Dustin when you see your child so sick and small you blame yourself.  So I am doing everything possible to stay away from those guilty feelings and I will know that I did EVERYTHING I could to keep her safe and growing.  Almost 27 weeks now!!  2 appointments this week too! 

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