Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Thought I would take a few more pictures of the room.  It's pretty messy because the bed is pushed in the middle and everything that has been in there had to be kind of thrown on the bed to keep from paint getting on it.  They put up the chair rail and also painted the trim a nice shade of white.  Wendy just has to put one more coat on the doors and the painting part is completed!  So happy to see the progress and know soon I will be rocking a little baby in there =)  I can't wait to keep showing everyone pictures so they can see it all as it comes together slowly!  I started looking for more decor items I bought a butterfly hanging kinda thing to put over the changing table for her to look at <3  Also bought a baby book I hope I like it but I had to order online since I can't go to the stores to look at them in person.  She has been moving so much lately I have no clue what's going on in there,  She had the hiccups three times yesterday and once so far today.  John just came to bring us meds and food and he is off to a side job now.  Poor hunny he really runs himself ragged between being a full time dad, housekeeper, pregnant lady runner, nurse, massager, chef, animal keeper, ect.  He hits the bed around midnight or later every night and wakes up early to get Dustin ready and feed both of us and all the animals then run to work with speed.  I feel badly he needs a partner but he just smiles I know it will be worth it to him in the end and he will happily hand over mommy duties again!  Dustin got picked up around 4pm by his grandma he is going to stay the night there so they can take him somewhere for springbreak poor guy.  He was happy though and was going to target to spend some of his birthday cash on toys.  Poor little guy woke up last night and was sick to his tummy and puked everywhere but I think he just ate something bad cause he was fine today all day.  Poor daddy had to clean it all up and Dustin and put him back to bed again.  Well let me share some pictures with you all!

Look at my beautiful son!
Chair rail and trim
Cat inspecting
Closet shelves they will all have cute totes and baskets
Crazy kitty!
27 weeks 6 days
He is so perfect <3

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