Wednesday, March 30, 2011

They came in!

For some reason getting stuff in the mail makes me smile!  I guess when you have nothing else to do it is a little like Christmas since I can't go shopping in person!  Sooo HAPPY DAYS!  In the mail I got the little butterflies that I ordered for Delanie's room <3  I also got the brother and sister shirt set!  Which came out really well and was wrapped nicely and the brands of the shirts were both name brand the boy's was hanes and the girl's was carter's.  So at least I know I will be able to wash them okay.  I also turned 30 weeks yesterday!!  YAY happy days!  I was so tired I slept for hours yesterday for some reason?  Who knows!  There has been alot of nights of me watching my belly as you can see her move from the outside now which for some reason makes it that much more real that OMG there is a little human in there!  When she has the hiccups which are often I can see my belly jump.  She amazes me and she isn't even here yet =)  My baby shower is this weekend and I almost don't want to say it out loud because I was always scared I would never make it!  Looks like me and Delanie are going to party after all well from a sitting down reclined position anyways!  This will be my first shower were I am actually pregnant and not worrying about being away from my baby.  So that is nice!  I get to have her with me!!  John also told me a surprise yesterday he was going to try to keep but said he better tell me so I don't refuse the package when the UPS man comes LOL  He bought Delanie's carseat and stroller set so that we can get it ready for her to come home <3  I am so excited that things seem to be coming together and seems like the loose ends are starting to tighten up!  I guess this is what it feels like to be more in the home stretch of a "real" pregnancy.  Even though it hasn't been my dream pregnancy at least I still have the chance and will have a healthy baby girl in my arms.  So excited for that HUGE breath of relief when I hear her first cry!  I waited so long to hear Dustin cry he had a tube down his throat for almost 8 weeks!  Delanie I will hear right away and for the long run after LOL  I have been having alot of dreams of labor and the day she will be born and breastfeeding her and dressing her.  Of Dustin being so happy she is finally out and he is meeting her.  I think I am more excited to see him with his sister then anything!  Giving John's and my parent's a happy delivery to be at!  My sister will be there for her first delivery with me she lived in GA when Dustin came so sudden she missed it.  This one I have a feeling we might have to have security remove her LMAO  She has many plans for Delanie!  All family and freinds will be happy and that is the picture that matters <3  Not how I got there but getting there!

Here are some pictures as you know I love to post pictures of random junk that I get!

Carseat and stroller set =)  Had to get something not to girlie for John to carry around!

How it came wrapped =)  how sweet!

Dustin's child 1 shirt!

And now Delanie child 2 shirt

Together they make my kiddos!!!

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