Tuesday, March 22, 2011

YAY shopping again...

So been messing around shopping online today!  Wendy brought me lunch today too so that was fun.  I bought two shirts from motherhood maternity cause I am down to rotating 3 t-shirts and the doctor's appts are just getting heavier and sometimes we can't get laundry done that fast because I have to wait for someone to come do laundry or John to do it when he gets home late at night.  So that will help and they were having a buy one get one 50% off sale too.  Then I bought on etsy.com some white butterflies to go on Delanie's room wall.  I really think I am going more towards butterflies and soft flowers for her room.  I also bought Dustin and Delanie brother sister shirts on there!  I will attach the picture of the item I bought but of course it will be with their names on them not the ones in the picture =)  Delanie's baby book came in the other day too which I was really happy about because I can't look inside the book from the web so I was hoping it was cute and everything I wanted inside and it was =)  I will attach a picture of that too!

Neat right??  They will have each of their names on them too =))

My daily trouble maker.......always in trouble!!

Delanie's baby book came in <3

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