Friday, March 11, 2011


The appointment went really well didn't have to wait so long this time.  My cervix was a little over a 2 with funneling still sensitive but doing good this week!  Delanie was great and weighed 2 pounds 8 oz and was moving around.  Heartrate was great and all her other organs.   She said we can wait until next appt. to talk about the steriods.  Which that is fine with me the closer to birth the better but she has always told me if I feel anything go to L&D and we will start them right away.  I have had alot of pelvic pain since yesterday but I think it's due to sitting on a hard seat at my other doctor's appt for to long.  Weird how your body changes I feel like I am 80 sometimes.  Delanie's nursing chair came in yesterday late afternoon after a huge fiasco.  I also got our doppler and John and Dustin and mom loved it.  Its really clear and works great.  Nice to play with her even though everytime we use it she gets really upset and moves.  We didn't get alot of good shots today but got two of her face on the CD but I have some better ones on picture paper but I will have to get John to scan them for me.

You can see her cheeks nose and eyes
another harder one though look for her eyes LOL

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