Friday, October 22, 2010

Telling Everyone!

We had to tell Dustin next!  We had to wait until Friday October 1st to tell him so that he would not tell anyone else!  We had a plan that would let everyone know by the end of the weekend!

Dustin we video taped and I will try to post that on here later once John sends me the link!  We wrapped a baby monkey toy in a box and gave it to Dustin because we always call him a monkey!  He was really confused at first and wasn't to excited about getting a baby toy but after we told him why he was getting it he was VERY excited!  He has been giving mommy love ever since!  He loves his big brother shirt that was also given to him and can't wait for the baby to come and asks every day what the baby is doing? 

My Dad and Judy
They were next they were told last time when someone had heard that we were expecting and went to congratulate my dad that didn't even know!  I was so upset because last time I had a special evening planned for them with gifts as well.  This time the cover up was that it was also my birthday on October 2nd, Saturday.  So we invited them to dinner on Friday evening with some of our close family friends Kimmy and Deanna.  Before hand I had called the resturant to make reservations and explain to them what we wanted to do and tell everyone.  I had them wrap a wine bottle with baby wrapping paper and pretty bows.  Before we ate our meal I had the waiter bring it out to my dad to drink.  He was a little confused at first but quickly caught on!  Everyone was really happy and it turned out to be a wonderful night!

John's Parent's
John's parents were next on the schedule of fun!  We asked them to go to breakfast with us the next morning to celebrate again my birthday!  We had Dustin wear his "big brother" shirt and after again ordering our food I had him remove his jacket and John's mom quickly spotted the shirt!  They both were very happy and the morning had a great mood after that!

My mother and papa willy!
We were waiting for them to get into town from Huntsville Texas we had orginally planned to tell them that evening when we came back home from a wedding but when Dustin saw them he was overly excited and begged me to tell them both!!  So Dustin blurted it out in excitement and my mother smiled wide and was sooo happy for us!  And of course papa willy had to tease Dustin quite a bit!  She spent the next week with us and of course babied me the whole week!  Hey everyone needs it every now and then!

My sister & more family friends
She was first to find out last time and this time she ended up being one of the lasts!  Which I felt bad about but I couldn't take a chance of one of the girls finding out and auto posting it on facebook!  I wish I could have done everyone at one time but that just wasn't in the cards!  We had a BBQ on Sunday around 4pm again for my birthday!  I wore a DUE IN JUNE shirt around the house and just waited for people to notice!Mike and Jackie got their first and of course Jackie caught on right away and told Mike!  Then the girls came over and Jerry went to go pick up Wendy from work.  The girls didn't notice for a long time until finally Jackie said something!  LOL After that they were really excited!  Then Wendy came home and John told her go look at your sister's new shirt and she came inside and looked at was shocked!  LOL  We had alot of fun telling everyone and will always want to remember these moments!

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