Monday, December 27, 2010

It's a ....


Course most people know by now because we posted a cute video on facebook telling everyone what our little one was!  Her name will be Delanie Faye and she is so sweet already!  We love her so much!  We had a WONDERFUL Christmas I think in a large part because we held out telling everyone until Christmas day and I really think looking back that was a great choice!  First we had our family Christmas with my family and we played the video and everyone was so happy to find out it was a girl some were a little upset like poor Dustin!  He really wanted a little brother but he sure is being better about it today and hopefully once she gets here he will come all the way around about the idea of a little sister.  Second we went to John's parent's house to share the news with them we played the video and they were happy too!  Then we finally at the end of the day posted it on facebook for the rest of our family and friends to enjoy!  Was a wonderful day and I am so glad we waited!  I have another appt this week with another sonogram!  Whohoo!  Here are the pictures from the sonogram place!


  1. Hey!! I love your lil preggo blog!! Did you plan on getting the gender for an xmas gift? tell me the story of how you came up with that!! I am dying to know!! did you pay extra to find out the gender in time for xmas? did you do a 3d us? Did you plan on writing the babys name in the video depending on gender, instead of "boy & "girl" ... i know lots of questions, im sorry!! LOL, sounds like a good plan! If you cant reacxh me on here please feel free to email me @ you!! Jessica

  2. Hi Jessica!! If you would like to add me on facebook you can see our finished video! <3