Sunday, December 5, 2010

Well this sunday!

Is so much better!  LOL  We did a little bit of shopping in moderation on Saturday my OBGYN told me walking was fine but no lifting for a week.  I go back to work on wed which I am READY getting really bored here in the house.  I have another appt and sono tomorrow with the high risk doctor and I am going to take a DVD to get another clip for Dustin and daddy and to put on here.  I want a action shot this time since baby is a mover at all times should be easy!  I think I felt baby move tonight was a weird sensation since I haven't felt it in such a long time!  Was in the correct spot though and sure felt like it.  Can't wait until I get lots of kicks and squirms letting me know each day baby is there =))  My eating has picked up alot this weekend John has been spoiling me with lots of home cooked goods cooked the way I can eat them!  I am betting I gained weight this week which my doctor will be good with since I am still down 18 pounds since pregnancy!  My appointment is at 1030 so after lunch time I will update again <3 

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