Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Great appointment!

Had a wonderful appointment today at the high risk doctor!  My cervix is still nice an long and was 3.95cm which is very good!  No sign's of contractions and we started with our first shot of 17P injections to prevent contractions and premature labor I will do these injections once a week which I will get someone at work to give them to me weekly.  Got my first one in the BUM today!  LOL I don't care feels good to have that extra security on board.  I did find out my insurance will not cover them so we will have to pay for the medication which isn't to bad in price and it's cheaper then having a baby in the NICU suffering.  I am still taking my lovenox daily as you can tell quickly by my polka doted belly!  Poor thing looks nasty!  I am growing daily it seems.  Yesterday I had NO appetite and I am still down over 20 pounds now.  Today thought I did eat come chicken and a piece of bread with Dustin and some of grandma's yummy homemade cookies!  God I love her!  She made many different types and sure made me happy!!  They watched Dustin for me today while I went to my appt.  at my appt they did give me a 90% shot of the sex.  Which we are going to withhold from telling everyone until Christmas day!  Parents will be the first to know and then the rest of the world!  After I was a little nervous about the sex determination so John paid for me to go get a sono at a 3D/4D place!  Was so neat and was really nice and prices were reasonable and people were friendly.  We got a dvd of the whole sono and some still shots as well and some printed picture and they did confirm the sex it was the same as thought in the doctor's office aswell =) Here are some non gender pics these are all from the doctor's office I will upload the others from the show & Tell place later =))

 Facing the camera and has a hand and arm up by the face

 Facing the camera again

 elbow and profile


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