Friday, November 19, 2010

Today's Appt

Today was another good visit at the high risk doctor!  Mom came down from Huntsville on Sunday so she has been with me all this week which has been fun!  She got to come to the sono today and see the baby wiggling and sleeping.  Baby was much less active today baby was sleeping being still and behaving while we got all the measurements we needed for the nuchal scan.  Heart rate was 170 even which it stays pretty high.  It was neat to see the baby again and I will post tons of pictures and a video of the baby today on the blog god willing I figure out how to do that all!  I have been doing great blood pressure wise on the low sodium diet.  Even though the low sodium diet has to be one of the hardest diets to follow because everything you can think of is HIGH in sodium it is no wonder we have so many heartattacks in this day and age!  I know I will be forever changed.  But being pregnant on this diet with cravings that drive me up the wall totally SUCKS BUTT! Because I just can't have what I want.  I just remember I am doing this to hold a baby in my arms.  If me sucking it up with help that baby not be in the NICU any days I will totally do it!  I have been really good and NOT cheated ONCE!  I am so very very proud of myself the only day I will eat whatever will be on holidays for that day only though leftovers don't count.  LOL  I will ask family to help me out a little and maybe skip on the salt and use unsalted butter aswell.  If they are willing.  We saw some good friends at the doctor's today aswell Melissa and Pat Crowder!  Melissa is Due in January with a precious little girl!  She was looking good and ready for that baby to be out soon!  LOL  I can't wait until I am at that point in the home stretch!  Sooooonnnn!   Also bought my first round of maternity cloths today too!  As I am down 16 pounds now but belly is pouching and getting round can't fit into any jeans or pants that I have and boobs are making all my shirts short!  Well now picture time!!

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